Your Legacy Club is a SCAM, unless Proven otherwise!!!

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Your Legacy Club Scam Review! No Loss Guaranteed?

Your Legacy Club is a SCAM Review!

Please read our review on Your Legacy Club before investing into this binary options auto trading system!

Is Your Legacy Club a scam binary options auto trading system? Yes, it definitely is! This binary options system uses it’s “upper-class” and “super rich” outlook to attract viewers into believe that the character is truly offering something valuable. However, it will definitely be a disappointing venture for those who have already invested in this Your Legacy Club. As presented in the video, we have a character named Bill O’Doherty portraying himself as a very established person with over 40 years of trading experience along with intentions of giving back to the people! However, the offer that he is proposing lacks the supporting evidence to actually reassure that his system would actually work. There are also several scam-like aspects as well. Please read our review as we explain the reason to our skepticism.

Your Legacy Club’s Suspicious Offer

While Bill tries to appear genuine and honest about his intentions to help regular people to be a millionaire with his rock solid “No Loss” guarantee, we are highly skeptical of what his intentions truly are. After which he had explain that he is willing to the trader’s safety net by investing in Your Legacy Club’s trader. He claims to invest the exact amount as the initial fund deposited upon registering for this system. As quoted by him, he wants to “mask it as insured” with every penny the traders could lose. Now, this is a TOTAL LIE! Experienced traders in binary options would advise you that it is actually a deposit bonus that every binary options brokers offers! It is a complete false claims that tries to entice viewers to accept the bonus offer from the brokers that is masked as a kinda gesture by Bill. We assure you that it is not the case! Accepting Deposit Bonus will impose additional terms to your withdrawals where you will not be able to withdraw your fund until you reach a certain trading volume. Usually the require trading volume required is Bonus Amount x 30, which is a relatively huge amount! We highly discourage traders to take up bonuses especially if you are relatively new in binary options.

Bill also mentioned that by partnering with him, he is going to transform you $300 to $10,000 with little effort or $600 to $20,000. Plus, he also mentioned that you will be “contractually guaranteed every dollar you could possibly lose will be fully insured”. That of course is referring to the shady bonus that is offered by the brokers, not by Bill himself! His claims about returning his initial “safety net” amounting to your initial deposit upon reaching $10,000 is also a fraud. Although we do not mind that it is just a fake, but we should definitely be concerned when we are not confident that this system can actually make $10,000 for us. Hence, it will be a total disaster if the system can’t perform as claimed where you attempt to minimize loss by withdrawing your cash but you are unable to. Purely because by accepting binary options broker’s deposit bonus, you can’t withdraw your funds until you reach the required trading volume. So it is almost as if kissing your money good bye!

Another interesting part about the presentation video is that Bill did not share any demonstration of how the system works or what makes it so special. The only selling point that he uses to convince viewers that his system is good are the scam-like claims of being extremely successful in his field (but unverifiable) and that he guarantees profits by insuring your losses (which is actually bonuses equivalent to your deposit). At this point, we are doubting that this system can actually “Guarantees profits” because good credential and safety net against losses isn’t going to actually generate profits!

Your Legacy Club’s Shady Background

The alleged Bill O’Doherty, the founder of Your Legacy Club does appear as a sincere senior that claims to provide solutions to making money online. However, we have reason to believe that he is merely an actor paid to promote this scam binary options system. Despite being unable to identify his true identity, we are also unable to find sources to verify his claimed achievements. Especially in one of the pictures showing him as guest author, there should be at least evidence of his author biography. As expected of a scam system, we are unable to verify anything related to Bill O’Doherty’s books and 40 years career in trading.

Your Legacy Club’s Conclusion

We conclude that Your Legacy Club is a scam binary options auto trading system that traders should stay away from. While the alleged founder, Bill, tries to appear successful and established, his offer is definitely a scam! There is no such thing as guaranteed profits in binary options and all he did in the video was “acting rich” and claiming that turning $300 to $10,000 is possible with this system. Unfortunately there is no further explanation or demonstration on the actual system, we are very skeptical and believe that it is just false claims. The most unethical claim of this system is that Bill mentioned that he will “invest in your success” when it is just truly a trap to accept bonuses from brokers! Again, please avoid accept bonuses especially while testing the binary options auto trading system or other new broker.

Verdict: Your Legacy Club is a SCAM!

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Legacy Club is a SCAM. Honest “Your Legacy Club” Review!

Attention traders! Your Legacy Club is nothing more than an “upper-class” fancy SCAM containing misleading information which will be revealed within the following review. Despite its glamorous appeal, I’m not impressed with by Bill O’Doherty as he presents a “road-map” for banking millions through binary options. We can honestly say not only will no one registering with this bogus trading tool generate a single profit, nobody shall be compensated or receive refunds for any losses as Your Legacy Club scam advertises. Because of its unique approach in deceiving its invitees, we’re not surprised its popularity seems to rise within the market as these crooks taunt newcomers with lavishing dreams of wealth and exclusive partnerships. Important details regarding the legitimacy of Legacy Club have been laid out for all to understand before making regrettable financial mistakes in depositing with another money-making scheme.

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The words “guarantee” (term widely used among scams) are plastered all over this questionable website which grow serious concerns. Binary Options is a simplified form of investing but always involves some risk. No guarantees exist in any investment forms, which is why Bill O’Doherty’s invitation for “zero loss” opportunities cannot be trusted. This informative Your Legacy Club Review exposes how his suggested proposals for “never losing” and “freebie money” incentives are not only dangerous, but unethical too.

Your Legacy Club Fully Revealed: SCAM Exposure!

Lets move forward & straight to the facts in discussing the alleged Bill O’Doherty, the supposed CEO and creator of Truth be told, we have every reason to believe this nice-looking senior is nothing more than a mere actor, paid for hire to promote the Your Legacy Club Scam. Although we couldn’t identify his profile beneath the pile of deplorable actors we normally depict from the Fiverr marketplace, his descriptions of life accomplishments and identity cannot be verified throughout any internet searches.

Misconstrued stories of him being a successful entrepreneur at a young age are explained as traders watch the introduction videos from their homepage. Apparently Bill launched his first publicly successful company when he was only 19 years old. Unfortunately the name of his company was not disclosed. Not reassuring for those like us who want to deeply investigate his allegations. If these statements held a single shred of credibility, Bill’s identity, his public companies and supposed contributions to the binary industry would be easily searchable, regardless of his vague testimonies. Sadly for, nothing you’re told is considered real.

Bill O’Doherty offers an array of broken promises unheard of in comparison to most scam softwares we review. He posses himself as friendly ally in stating a huge portion of the binary field is corrupted with greedy masterminds profiting from unaware rookies. However visitors are lead to believe Your Legacy Club is an honest solution, when in fact, it’s equally useless as other scamming programs we continuously debunk. But here’s were the entirety of this diabolical hoax begins to fall apart……

Interestingly enough, not once are viewers informed just how this automated trading system works. Instead you’re told that partnering with a millionaire like O’Doherty will certainly convert your $250 investment into $10,000 will little time or effort. Not only that, he’ll match every penny you make (whatever that means). The lies start to unfold as he claims you’re “contractually guaranteed every dollar you could possibly lose will be fully insured”.

Your Legacy Club Scam – Danger!

Dont be fooled by these fictitious features. Its not unheard of with scammers claiming your losses will be diluted. Its a deceptive method to make novice traders conclude they’re safe and “cant lose”. The hard reality is, never has a broker ever provided compensation to losing trades. Once a trade is lost, it’s finalized without any refundable loopholes. These situations are referred as broker manipulations, where brokers manipulate the outcome of trades. Its immoral and illegal & several brokerage firms have been blacklisted for similar activities.

$10,000 ‘Legacy’ Giveaway for Club members??

If youre under the impression Bill from Your Legacy Club scam is really going to match your equivalent deposit, you’re mistaken. The free-money handout insinuating as “mutual gifts” to newly recruited traders is known as a Bonus. Not by the man himself, but by the brokers. Here’s where things can get complicating.

Bonus offers are legal incentives provided by brokerage firms to double initial investments. Its a great feature to amplify each trade and maximize potential payouts. However it’s only recommended for experienced traders who’re able to trade at higher volumes. That’s because bonus features come with strict contingencies where certain requirements must be completed before any funds can be accessed in the future. A scam system like Your Legacy Club favors these hidden agendas so they can hold onto your earnings. Its a deceiving maneuver to block newbies from withdrawing their accounts once they’ve realized Your money is ‘Legacy’ property within a fraudulent Club!

Your Legacy Club Review – Conclusion

The damaging factors and evidence within our review will hopefully deter anyone from trading with this deplorable system. Legacy is a terrible avenue if your searching for trustworthy autotrader softwares, and we highly disregard any registration with this “Club”. Our final verdict is pretty obvious at this point and we hope you agree: Avoid trading with Your Legacy Club App! A SCAM proven to blow your account!

Binary Option trading remains a simpler form for supplementing income, holding lucrative potential for everyone. It definitely helps familiarizing with our Blacklisted Section because its a vital method for protecting yourself from damaging systems. You can also practice trading with demo accounts from Trade Thunder before risking money while you feel the process of how online transactions are completed. Thank you for taking time in reading our unbiased Your Legacy Club Review & feel free to comment below with any feedback or concerns.

Your Legacy Club Scam Review

Your Legacy Club Scam Review. Please read our review of Your Legacy Club before throwing any of your hard earned money at this ridiculous scam! We give sound hard proof that Your Legacy Club is nothing but smoke and mirrors, but in this magic show, you are not going to be fooled! Don’t let these scammers get a penny from you with their scamming tricks!

Is Your Legacy Club a Scam or Legit?

Your Legacy Club is a viral new binary options software offer that uses several manipulation strategies to con you out of your money. In this review are going to take an in depth look at each of their claims and then expose them for what they really are. The first place we always look when investigating a new binary options software is who the creator claims to be and what proof we can find that he is actually the real owner. In the case of Your Legacy Club, they claim that an older grandfatherly man by the name of Bill O’Doherty is the creator. The Your Legacy Club website is littered with pictures of this grandfather, but unfortunately all of these pictures and even the man himself is a very large smoke screen. There is nothing behind him or his pictures except for lies!

When we researched Bill O’Doherty we found a big fat zero. He claims to have been a successful trader and investor, working for some of the biggest companies in the world. If so, we should find a wikipedia article about him or at least an article anywhere about him. Nothing! He has zero history online. It’s as if he appeared suddenly out of thin air, because that’s exactly what he did. A fake name and an actor can’t trick us and they shouldn’t trick you either!

The Your Legacy Club scam even claims that Bill O’Doherty is a New York Times best seller, yet his book is not even on Amazon, or anywhere for that matter. Apparently his New York Times best seller book did an amazing disappearing act around the same time his actual name did. Please don’t underestimate our level of sarcasm here. Your Legacy Club is one large lie after the next.

Your Legacy Club Scam Review, Is Your Legacy Club a Scam or Legit?

As we mentioned above, Your Legacy Club has a large selection of photos of their fake founder, Bill O’Doherty, in various posed photos. Here below you’ll see a selection of some of them, but none of these people are in any way real or known! Who are these guys? Are we supposed to be impressed? No. These men are nothing but willing actors in a photo that means absolutely nothing. Please don’t fall for this manipulation strategy. The men are nobodies and Bill O’Doherty is a big fat nobody as well! The real creator behind Your Legacy Club is some rich guy sitting on a beach laughing at anyone who falls for this stuff! Don’t be one of them!

Your Legacy Club Scam Review, Is Your Legacy Club a Scam or Legit?

Your Legacy Club has a fake CEO so we weren’t surprised that each one of their news articles was a photoshopped fake. It’s pretty easy to photoshop stuff these days and the team at Your Legacy Club has taken full advantage of their elementary skills by slapping together a few fake news articles to make it appear that their fake CEO and fake Legacy Club was featured in the news. Wrong! Try googling any of these stories and you won’t find any source. They are fabrications out of thin air. Another smoke and mirrors strategy meant to manipulate you out of your money!

Your Legacy Club Scam Review, Is Your Legacy Club a Scam or Legit?

Is Your Legacy Club a Scam?

Your Legacy Club scam has created fake world meant to trick you into sending them your money. They even claim that they will match any investment you make. This isn’t a new concept. Most brokers will already do this for you. It’s called a bonus! The bonus is meant to make you risk more of your money on trades, and lose your balance faster! This money is not coming from the Your Legacy Club, it’s coming from the broker, because the broker knows he’ll win it all back again!

There are legitimate products online meant to help you in your trading journey. Your Legacy Club is NOT one of them. Don’t trust this shady scam. Please check out the methods we personally use to make money online! Read our reviews on Social Trading with Tradeo and Fort Ad Pays!

Conclusion: Your Legacy Club is a SCAM!!

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