Trade X Confidential is a SCAM!! Unbiased Review!

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Trade X Confidential Review

Trade X Confidential is a Dangerous Scam, Unbiased Review Exposes Fake App

Binary Scam Alerts is posting a severe SCAM notice in reference to the Trade X Confidential Software (AKA Trade X Confidential App and Autotrader) as well as Paul Reed the fake actor and chief instigator of this vile scheme. After being drowned in a sea of complaints submitted by an angry mob of frustrated day traders, our team of tenacious researchers decided to conduct a full investigation and review of this bogus trading system.

Official Scam Site:
Main Culprit: “Paul Reed” the ex-musician turned Millionaire overnight.

The results we reached were nothing less than scandalous . In fact, we were so disgusted with this deception that after 30 minutes we just stopped, and started to compile to facts and evidence in order to shed some light on this horrendous pile of glorified cow dung. Our conclusions are simple, yet nauseating. This so called software is not only inaccurate, it is also dangerous and fraudulent because of the highly deceptive nature of it.

Proof of Scam
Trade X Confidential is a very convincing high end production, which makes it that much more dangerous. Still our persistence and experience in uncovering scams enabled us to find the truth and reach the facts very quickly and efficiently. As you can see in the image below Tanya Calderon is actually some image bank actor we found in a Swiss Newspaper called Tio. Dan Cathey is prominently displayed in a self portrait for an app called Quantis, and Lorraine Powell’s picture is also taken from an iStock photo bank where she is also presented as a lovely spouse at a site called family share. Additionally, as is the case in many scams, the fake news reports on CNN and NBC are also there to lend an aura of legitimacy where in reality that is the last thing this piece of trash code really is.

Trade X Confidential Review
I have to admit, these people created a very colorful story about how Trade X Confidential uses prediction analysis to test the market’s new apps and somehow identifies the ones that are going to be traded heavily, and based on that buy options contracts that will pan out as winning trades. In reality, the exact opposite is true, and this rotten piece of code has left such a foul stench that my hands start to shake from the level of audacity and daring these cheaters have reached. The facts are there for all to see, this system will intentionally take losing positions or trades and in this way steal your money. If you have bought into this charade, you need not concern yourself anymore with technical analysis or market updates. You will not be needing any bollinger bands or candle sticks charting, and you will definitely not reach

90 ITM ratio on winning trades. Your primary concern needs to shift from making money to crisis management and making sure your credit card details have not been compromised by starving sales reps getting paid minimum hourly wage by some shady offshore unregulated broker.

Is it Free?
Well, naturally yes. However as the presenter says it himself, you need to fund at least $250 to get access to this great piece of trash software.

Similar Scams
These include but are not restricted to: My First Online Payday, Amissio Formula, Trade Tracker Pro, Limitless Profits, Copy Buffett, Push Money App with Dennis Moreland, Citidel LTD, Centument App, Zulander Hack, The Free Money System and Walter Green, and Insured Profits with Dave and Ginny.

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Signals, Bots, Auto-traders, and Copiers
It is widely agreed that the number of systems available today in the markets has Skyrocketed. However, in most cases their credibility is unproven and at times just another scam. If you are looking for a signals tool we recommend the binary profit method. For an Auto-trader solution please read our Virtnext review.

Verdict and Sad Conclusions
It is the opinion of the staff and management of Binary Scam Alerts that the Trade X Confidential software is a complete scam and fabrication. There is nothing genuine, honest, legit, honest, or sincere about this binary options automated trading tool beside the attempt of the people behind it to elegantly mislead you and fleece your wallet. If you have invested money into this trashy system, please let us know and we shall try to retrieve your stolen funds. As always, don’t forget to join our Facebook Group and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Trade X Confidential Scam Review

Trade X Confidential Scam Review. Before opening that Trade X Confidential email you just found, please read our in depth review exposing this fraud for what it is, a big fat scam! Don’t let yourself be fooled. In this review we give plenty of evidence that Trade X Confidential is a scam and a sick trick, and you will lose all of your investment!

Is Trade X Confidential a Scam or Legit?

Paul Reed is the name of the CEO behind Trade X Confidential. He tells us about how he used to be a broke music major with nothing to live for, until he made his own trading robot. He claims that his trading robot takes trades based off of which companies are about to shoot to the top of the stock market. Paul Reed talks about buying stocks when a company is about to make a huge profit. This all sounds really good, but Paul Reed and Trade X Confidential seems to forget that we aren’t trading in the stock market, we are trading in binary options. Two very different sides of the same coin. In binary options, you aren’t buying and selling stocks. You are simply placing a bet on whether a price action will close higher or lower than a particular number at the end of a certain time. This is incredibly different than buying and selling stocks for a profit. If you want to buy and sell, we suggest you check out Forex, which is actually our preferred trading method!

It’s clear to us that Trade X Confidential is pulling the wool over new traders eyes by throwing around a bunch of stock market lingo in the hopes that nobody really knows what they are talking about. This will work for some newbies but it doesn’t work for seasoned traders. Within a few minutes into the promotional video, they are already weaving a huge lie. Binary Options has nothing to do with buying and selling stocks, not at it’s basic level. That aside, we took a look at “Paul Reed” and found out that he is also a fake, just like his incompetent software, Trade X Confidential. He is simply an actor reading a bunch of lines off a script. He’d probably never even heard of binary options until 5 minutes before someone handed him his script.

Trade X Confidential Scam Review

If you scroll down the Trade X Confidential page, you’ll notice two fake quote from CNN and NBC. Neither of these news groups have ever said anything about Trade X Confidential, so don’t be fooled. Anyone can put together fake quotes these days, and they should never be trusted unless you can verify them. Almost every scam we encounter these days always includes fake quotes from news groups. They must really work, which makes us really mad. It’s maddening to see how these scammers continuously take advantage of new traders and people with limited exposure to scam techniques.

Trade X Confidential Scam Review

Trade X Confidential claims you can score hundreds of thousands of dollars a month buy following his trades. This is bogus and has no basis in reality. Unfortunately this type of claim works, because most new traders really want a fast and easy push right to the top. Binary trading is tricky and really requires a lot of work, unless you can find a good trader to copy! That’s why we prefer to stick to Social Trading with Tradeo. We haven’t found a better system yet, and we have tried just about everything. With our busy schedules, we need something that is hands free but still allows us to really customize it. Check our review out here where we explain it. We’ve also received several emails with good feedback from Copy Buffet, so if you want to check that out, click HERE!

Is Trade X Confidential a Scam?

Trade X Confidential has everything you’d expect to see from a scam. Actors, fake promises, fake quotes, and flat out distortions of truth. Keep in mind, that Trade X Confidential is literally trying to confuse you between buying and selling stocks and placing bets on price action. The are making money off your confusion and lack of education! Don’t let them!

Be sure to check out our review of the newest legitimate auto trading service, BinaDroid!

Conclusion: Trade X Confidential is a SCAM!

Thanks for reading and please leave a comment or send us a message!

Trade X Confidential is a SCAM – Informative Review!

Trade X Confidential adopts totally new angles we’ve never heard before within binary trading for generating sizable profits. It’s imperative for traders to understand by Paul Reed, although different in comparison to previous softwares, still remains a dangerous Scam which Ill elaborate in detail within today’s review. According to the words of this impostor, the explained methods which this questionable trading app supposedly operates are highly misleading without concrete proof. Not to mention I’ve identified several pieces of falsified descriptions on Mr Reed’s Trade X Confidential Scam, including partnerships with poorly reputable brokers, forcing me to NOT trust this suspicious program.

The Trade X Confidential scam is basically an automated application enticing newcomers with dreams of becoming millionaires before years end. With misleading ideas of buying luxury cars or new homes, traders are encouraged to deposit larger amounts of money than necessary. They justify these statements by explaining more money funded into your account results in increased payouts and trade volume. In addition, lies are fed to visitors with false allegations that Paul Reed is offering a “risk free” and “fail safe” opportunity with exaggerated success rates of 97%. Its time to review the facts and expose this millionaire-making scheme.

Trade X Confidential Review – Full SCAM Exposure

While watching their introductory videos, Paul Reed addresses himself as a self proclaimed genius among the country’s top investors for launching tech startups. In efforts to verify his claims for our Trade X Confidential review, searching his credentials & achievements didn’t match any online results. Skilled financial investors are easily identified through internet inquiries, yet no verifiable evidence supporting Paul Reed’s identity within the financial industry was found. Especially zero matches on social media portals like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Its safe to assume the individual in question was paid to act for promoting The following list compiled below regarding Trade X Confidential scam capabilities contain deceiving incentives offered by “confidential” scammers to attract interested day-traders into depositing with their harmful scam software:

  • “Seizes big buyout investments by constantly monitoring private world trade knowledge regarding company shares & currencies before public releasing in stock market analysis”. (Also referred as illegal ‘insider’ information)
  • “Uses predictive analysis for testing markets and new companies by analyzing their online traffic & interests”. (Irrelevant to binary options)
  • “Contains ‘sophisticated algorithms’ using faster technology than any system available to spot investment opportunities before anyone else”.
  • Paul’s discovery for “unique coding operations capable of tracking large conglomerate activities by reverse engineering IP addresses for finding opportune moments to trade”. (WHAT. Again nothing to do with binary investments)

Nothing but fat lies pour from a corrupt app targeting newbies without experience to back-up their phony promises of banking CEO-level paychecks. Simply activate the automatic TradeXConfidential by depositing with their recommended broker, which happens to be brokers like GTOptions. An unregulated brokerage firm with many complaints against them, guilty for shady practices & failing to pay earnings owed to their clients.

Fabricated Endorsements

Dont be impressed with fake endorsement badges implying well-known television networks like CNN & NBC are encouraging investors to use this faulty software. You can easily verify the authenticity of alleged quotes displayed on by login onto or, search Trade X Confidential and see what happens. I’m not surprised to find dead-end results because truth be told, trading scams without credibility implement unauthorized acknowledgements from reputable establishments for authoritative & legitimate appearances.

Bogus ‘Confidential’ Refunds

Thirty day money back guarantees are advertised to entrap rookie traders into thinking they’ve stumbled upon a fool-proof autotrading solution. Paul insists members have 30 days to test his Trade X Confidential scam software, but if you’re unsatisfied with its performances from losing too many trades, losses are fully refunded. Unfortunately no such arrangements between brokers and/or auto-traders for refunding your loss have ever been created.

Trade X Confidential Review – Conclusion

I hope my review has forced readers to step back and reconsider your chances of succeeding with a binary system containing multiple scamming characteristics. Even ridiculous notions of limited availability is implied to “limit saturation and preserve accuracy”. A common scamming practice for rushing newcomers into wasting money before researching reviews and realizing they’re getting scammed. Paul Reed is a filthy scam-artist taking advantage of novice investors by profiting from failing to provide a legitimate service and losing trader deposits. At, our review will not remain “confidential” so visitors will refrain from this scam trade.

Final Verdict – Avoid Trade X Confidential Scam! Busted & Worthless!

(#1 Trusted & Approve by Binary/Forex Authorities)

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