The Millionaires Maker is a SCAM!

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What Is The Millionaire Maker, Scam or Legit – Detailed Review

“IF YOU want to, I mean, really want to earn a million dollars – This is the best and fastest way to do it.” That’s what the Millionaire Maker promises you.

So what is the Millionaire Maker, and how does it turn you into a millionaire? And, is Millionaire Maker scam or legit?

Make sure you read the detailed review below before you hurry to sign up for them.

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Quick Review

Name: The Millionaires Maker
Login page:
Niche: Binary Options
Price: minimum required deposit: $250
Alleged Founder: Martin (in the past he was called Todd Salerno)

Better ALTERNATIVE to the My Millionaire Maker scam that will help you make $1200+ a month online. And these testimonials are proof.

Why not give a whirl right now?

Full Review – What is The Millionaire Maker

The Narrative

Now, this is laughable. Well, no, it is not. But it would be if the scheme were not shamelessly ripping off innocent people.

The truth is, in the case of the Millionaire Maker, they tell you nothing about themselves. There’s no narrative, no story behind the product, no nothing.

Who created it? How was it created? Why is it superior to other similar products? All these questions remain unanswered.

They tell you nothing. Weird!

The only things that they give you are five fake testimonials (more on that in a minute) and man’s voice introducing himself as Martin:

Can you imagine! That’s all he tells about himself or the background of his Millionaire Maker wonder-product.

In the past, he called himself Todd Salerno. Now he is Martin. Well, Martin, who?


OK, let’s see what they promise you. Here we go:

  1. The Millionaire Maker is the best and fastest way to earn a million dollars
  2. The Millionaires Maker trading robot is the quickest and most accurate tool for trading Binary Options
  3. It has over 90% winning ratio
  4. Today, 50 lucky beta-testers get the Millionaire Maker software 100% free

Mhm… They don’t give you much factual information, do you agree?

“Hey! Our software has over 90% winning rate, and it will make you a millionaire!”

Will you trust your savings into their hands?

Is Binary Options Trading Safe?

Michael, the mysterious founder of the Millionaire Maker, says that the best-of-the-best option to make money online is through Binary Options:

They make it plain clear, don’t they?

In recent years, Binary Options have become hugely popular indeed. Mostly because from the outside, it seems to be an easy trading opportunity. After all, every time you trade, you have only two options to choose from, and that’s it. You either win or lose.

Not only that. Because Binary Options deal with fixed amounts of money, you already know beforehand how much you can win (if you wage correctly). If you happen to wage and lose, though, you only lose a fixed amount.

Nothing complicated here.

Even better, an ever-increasing number of Binary Options tradings robots keep popping out like mushrooms after the rain. Most of them (if not all) offer Full Autopilot, which means that the software does all the trading for you.

For the Average Joe, though, it leaves a false impression as if Binary Options is a real make-money-online opportunity.

While it is not.

Binary Options are incredibly high-risk trading options. And therefore it is NOT suitable for the Average Joe from the street. Open any disclosure attached to whatever Binary Options website and you will read:

See! Binary Options are NOT “dream-come-true” or “get quick rich online” opportunity. It involves an extremely high degree of risk, and you should be financially able to lose all your investment.

Not only that. You also must know about trading, assets, and markets. Remember, Binary Options are NOT an “easy button” that spits money out at will.

Even worse, because there is such a tremendous interest in Binary Options trading, it has become an enormous honey trap as well. You can find tons and tons and tons of Binary Options trading robots that are nothing but wicked scams – designed to free you from your hard-earned savings.

And, as I am going to prove it to you in a minute, The Millionaire Maker is one of them – a wicked scam, designed right from the beginning to take away all you have.

Before that, though,

How Will Binary Options Gangsters Rob You?

If you did not know, to start trading Binary Options you need two things:

  1. Some Binary Options trading software
  2. A personal trading account with some Binary Options broker

First, Binary Options software – This is the software (or trading robot) that you use for trading. The Millionaire Maker Software belongs here.

In most cases, this piece of software is given to you for free. You can find legit software and even more outright scams.

Second, your trading account – this is where things get interesting. As I told before, to start trading binary options, you first need to open a trading account with some broker.

Then you must fund your account. You deposit your initial investment into your account. In most cases, the required minimum is $250. This money, remember, is real money. And it is YOUR money that you use for trading. You can make profits (if you wage correctly) and you can lose it.

What about brokers, you ask.

There are two different types of brokers – regulated and unregulated ones. Regulated Binary brokers are the legit ones. They hold a valid regulation license from a regulation authority, allow you to withdraw your deposits whenever you want, etc.

Unregulated Binary brokers are shady companies from some offshore countries. They lock your deposits, and you won’t be able to withdraw your money. Even worse, you won’t be able to file a complaint to a regulation authority either – because, as their name says, they are unregulated.

And that’s where it gets ugly for you.

If the Binary Options trading software happens to be a scam, they link your trading account to an unregulated broker. That means you should consider every single deposit to your brokerage account as lost.

It won’t cost you a bean to find out if it can help you.

Remember, the Binary Options scammers will make money when you lose it. How?

Simple. First, they prey on beginners while appearing like angels. However, once you have signed up and given them your phone number, they use every trick in their tool bag to make you invest bigger and bigger sums and surrender your credit card details as well.

Finally, after they have caused you to lose all your money, the scammers (the owners of the scam software) share the loot with the unregulated brokers while you are left victimized.

Warning Signs

Red Light #1 – Binary Options are the best way to make money online

As I already proved above, it is just not true. Binary Options are very speculative and highly risky and certainly not for the ordinary people from the street.

Red Light #2 – Fake Testimonials

The promotional video found in the Millionaires Maker website includes five testimonials (3 in the beginning and 2 in the end).

All five testimonials are fabricated and played by paid actors.

Let me prove it to you.

Here’s the lady right at the beginning of the video, giving her fake testimonial:

And here’s her offer found in Fiverr:

The second phony testimonial is given to us by Mark:

And here is a screenshot of his Fiverr ad:

See! Even the laptop and computer in the background are the same.

The third fake testimonial is given by this young lady here:

And here she is giving another bogus testimonial to another Binary Options scam – the Aussie Method:

It’s funny (in fact, it’s not), how people when they have sold their soul and integrity for few bucks, keep doing it again and again and again. So sad!

However, what that means for you is the fact that there are no genuine testimonials on the Millionaire Maker app. Only lies, lies, miserable lies.

Red Light #3 – Random Success Stories

The promotional video in the Millionaires Maker website gives four rapid success stories – of Sam Cook, Tim Grittani, Joshua Sason, and Jack Macdonald. These four impressive stories should prove that by trading Binary Options, it is possible to become a millionaire in a fast past indeed.

However, one of the very first of the four turned out a scam itself. The other four stories were genuine but had nothing to do with trading Binary Options.

None of these three people mentioned in the video became millionaires by trading Binary Options. Therefore, in our case, their success stories prove NOTHING!

Red Light #4 Barely Over 5,000 YouTube Views

As you can see from the image below, the Millionaire Maker Youtube page has barely 5000 views since July 15, 2020.

And since that date, are they still looking for the 50 lucky beta-testers?

This deceit leads me to the next warning sign:

Red Light #5: A False Sense of Urgency

The offer should give you an impression as if you can easily miss your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Therefore, you must act at once.

However, as I wrote above, this headline is deliberately designed to give you a false sense of urgency. Why? Because there are no beta testers, no 50 vacant seats, no nothing.

The Millionaire Maker app was available for free in 2020, 2020, and it is free in 2020 as well. Don’t get fooled.

Similar Scams

There are tons and tons of similar Binary Options scams. I have reviewed many of them – Obcasio, The Millionaire BluePrint, Altronix, Tauribot, Citidel, Centument, the Profits Unlimited, the Profit Maker, to name but few.

Final Verdict

I don’t like the product at all. And mostly because they tell you nothing. NOTHING! They give you ZERO proofs that their software works. The only thing they give you is a 16 minutes sales pitch. Disgusting!

Verdict: The Millionaire Maker is a scam. If you don’t want to get mugged, stay clear of it.

If you’d rather make money than get ‘raped’ of your life savings… Why not try this ? It’s FREE to get started, too. You’ll like that part…

Why not give a whirl right now? You’re certainly not committed to anything.

What About You?

Now that you have read my review, what are your thoughts on it?

What Is The Millionaire Maker, Scam or Legit?

Do you have any experience (good or bad) with the product that you want to share? Please leave a comment in the comment section below.

My name is Egon and I am the owner of I am a devout husband and a father of 4. Also a former missionary to Indonesia where I worked as an IT, Math, and Sci teacher; in schools that served the poor.
Now I am committed to combating online scams and helping those who want to make *honest* income online.
If you’re interested, just pop over here. You’re in for a treat.


Interested review of The Millionaire Maker. I have been scammed twice of something similar to that Binary program because I was clueless about the online world and business. I have learnt my lesson differently.

I have learned that people will do anything to scam others online of their hard earn money and for that, I’m extra careful.

Anyway, I will check out your reccommended program so that I can educate myself.

Hi Kacie and thank you for the feedback. I have been scammed too (not by binary options but a “get quick rich” scheme anyway). And, to tell the truth, the reason why got hooked was the same – I too was completely clueless about making money online.

Екілік опциялар брокерлерінің рейтингі 2020:

That unfortunate event did not stop me though. Quite the opposite, I decided to commit myself to learn on how I can make legit income online. Then, in one lucky day I found Wealthy Affiliate – the internet marketing training platform and community that I am using until today. In fact, I am very satisfied with it and it’s the KEY to every shred of success I’ve attained. That’s why I sincerely recommend it to everyone.

Feel free to check it out, Kacie. You will like it, I can tell you that.

Hello Egon,
Such a helpful page you have.
I hope people that want to go into type of money making business learn to verify first trough reviews and/ pages like this.
By the way, do you have any site to recommend which could be considered legit and why?

Hi, Rock, and thank you for the feedback. Also, thank you for the kind words, I appreciate it a lot, sir. I keep combating all those “get quick rich” online scams and writing these reviews to protect innocent victims from falling into those ugly traps. The problem is that scammers know human psychology, how to hook and then rip off unaware people and they are using every dirty trick in their tool box to achieve that. And that’s why it is so awfully easy to fall victim to these frauds.

As for your question, sir, I personally am using Wealthy Affiliate. It was their training and support that taught me how to make legit money online. Why do I recommend it? Well… There are many things that I like in WA:

1. WA training is suitable even for complete newbies.
2. You can start for free (no credit card required). No obligations.
3. WA training and its certification courses are very easy to follow and extremely practical. All you learn you put into practice. That way you will grow very fast.
4. WA support is simply excellent. Very fast. I am very satisfied with their service.
5. No upsells, spamfree environment
6. Premimum class hosting included
7. Very friendly and supportive WA community
8. etc., etc., etc.

The Millionaires Maker Review

The Millionaires Maker Review

Service Quality

Quality Support


  • You can try for free
  • Requires investment $250
  • No money refund
  • Fake testimonials from
  • Unrealistic claims and false promises

Product name: The Millionaires Maker

Price: Free to join

Verdict: Scam

The Millionaires Maker is a relatively new program known in the past as Quit Your Jobs that has been taken down recently.

Names are different but the idea is the same. Both programs promise you instant wealth and a luxury lifestyle you have been always dreaming about.

I first planned to review Quit Your Jobs and then found out that their website is redirected to a new one, called The Millionaires Maker.

After doing some research I realized that their site had been taken down due to a high number of complaints and negative reviews on the internet.

The same may be well applied to many other programs on the internet that claim to teach people how to make money online fast and easy.

All these programs are trying to sell you a shortcut to making millions which in reality is nothing more than a dream.

In my present review I’m going to take a closer look at this amazing software and I will explain in details if The Millionaires Maker can really make you a millionaire.

The main idea behind The Millionaires Maker

The main idea of this amazing software is to make YOU a millionaire the fast and the easy way. They have an amazing promo video on their site with testimonials that support their claims which is great.

You can become a millionaire through trading binary options which is mainly buying and selling currency.

The software is created in a way to do all trading on autopilot. Making money this way is very popular these days. It’s popular because some people are making money which is good.

But many people are losing money and they are losing thousands of dollars.

The question is: Is it then possible to make money this way? And how much can you make? How fast? Is it a risky way or you are protected from any losses? All these questions will be answered within my review.

Pros of The Millionaires Maker

  • You can try for free

Cons of The Millionaires Maker

  • Requires investment of $250 at least
  • The Millionaires Maker is a new version of Quit Your Jobs website
  • Many complaints have been submitted to SEC in regards to internet based binary programs
  • Trading binary options involves a high level of risk if you do it without knowledge and experience
  • No money refund
  • Fake testimonials from
  • Unrealistic claims and false promises

Inside the program

Are all binary options programs scams?

The topic of making money through trading binary options is one of the hottest topics of nowadays and there is a great amount of information available on the internet about it.

It looks like everyone wants to make money through binary trading programs because it looks easy and requires little effort on your part.

An overwhelming majority of these programs are obvious scams because binary options sites come and go very fast due to tons of complaints and ripoff reports.

It’s because they make huge claims and provide zero value to people. I have reviewed over 20 binary trading programs and most of them are either scams or not recommended. Here is a list of quite a few binary programs.

I think this fact points to this opportunity being highly questionable. I don’t mean that making money through binary options doesn’t work. I mean the majority of the programs available on the internet are scams.

But making money with this opportunity is absolutely possible if you get trained and gain knowledge from the reliable source, not from fly-by-night website like The Millionaires Maker.

What reliable sources tell us about internet based binary trading programs

To prove my statement I want to share with you some info I’ve found on the internet.

Organizations, such as SEC and CFTC have reported of a large number of fraud associated with websites that are promoting binary options opportunity.

If you read what is written on the screenshot below you will realize that there is huge problem with the majority of sites that promise you to become a millionaire through binary trading programs.

The second warning comes from another website legitimacy of which is out of question. Here is a screenshot of the article in which Gordon compares Binary options opportunity to gambling and to be honest I have to admit that it’s true.

You never know the market

Though trading binary options is not exactly gambling and requires knowledge and experience however I agree with him. This opportunity is very similar to gambling because you never know the currency market. You can make money and you can lose money too, no guarantees.

That’s why many people lose a lot of money on long term trades when they want to make a big buck and instead lose all their invested money.

Long term trade allows you to deal with a considerable amount of money and if you are lucky to predict the currency market you are the winner and if not, you are the loser.

The software doesn’t have a human intellect and doesn’t know what the economy is like, what kind of changes are going on in the market. People who make money through binary options or Forex never use any kind of software like the Millionaires maker.

The Millionaires Maker = Quit Your Jobs

When I put into my browser and hit the enter button I was immediately taken to the Millionaires Maker website. The question is: Is it good or bad?

Of course, it’s very bad because the only reason for this to happen is a large number of complaints and negative reviews.

The bad news is that the same may and will most likely happen to the Millionaires Maker website. This is simply a matter of time.

Can you try the Millionaires Maker for free?

Most of the binary trading programs allow to try their amazing software for free with virtual money. This is of course good, BUT it doesn’t solve the problem at all.

Virtual money can be lost and there is disappointment for that. When it comes to real trading you have to invest real money, $250 at least. And there is no money refund for your invested money.

Are the Millionaires Maker’s members really millionaires?

The Millionaires Maker has lost all respect in my eyes when I found out that testimonials they had used in their promo video were fake. To prove my statement please take a look at the image below.

This guy claims to be a millionaire thanks to the Millionaires Maker program. And below that image there is another one from

It appears that this guy made this testimonial specifically for the Millionaires Maker website for $5. Can you imagine that? CAN YOU IMAGINE? A millionaire that makes a testimonial for $5? What a shame!

Can you trade binary options without knowledge and experience?

Most of the binary trading programs claim that they can make you a millionaire in x amount of days. Can this really be true? I told in many other reviews on my site that making money through binary trading programs is absolutely possible. But it can’t be done using the software alone.

There is no software in the world that can know all the ins and outs of the market and that’s why it can’t predict the market with 100% accuracy. There is a very good chance that your software will make the wrong prediction and you in turn will lose all your invested money.

The only way to be successful in this business is to learn how to do it properly. There are some legit programs online that can teach you this through a certification course.

It will take some time and investment and then you need to practice to gain some experience.

Anyway, there is no guarantee that after certification course you won’t lose money on binary options. Of course sometimes you will win and sometimes you will lose. No one knows how much you can win or lose.

Is it safe to trade through the Millionaires Maker?

Also, keep in mind that in most cases programs like the Millionaires Maker connect you to unlicensed brokers which means you will be risking and losing your money while the broker makes a commission off of you in any case. I recommend you to contact your bank and get the list of legit, licensed brokers.

Does the Millionaires Maker guarantee you to become a millionaire?

When you watch the Millionaires Maker promo video you will be amazed how money can be easily made using their software. If you read their earnings disclaimer you will notice that it clearly says that the Millionaires Maker doesn’t guarantee that you will earn any money using their software.

How much can you make with the Millionaires Maker?

I’m not really sure if you can make any money at all using this program for three simple reasons: they use fake testimonials, they don’t guarantee that you will make money, there are many complaints about binary trading programs.

Final word on the Millionaires Maker

1. Is the Millionaires Maker a scam? Most likely YES.

2. Do I recommend it? No, I don’t recommend it.

3. There is a warning from SEC, CFTC and Forbes

4. All legit binary trading programs always warn people about high level of risk

5. Complaints, fake testimonials, no money refund and unrealistic claims.

What is The Millionaire Maker ? A Scam or Legit ?

This review is going to be about a program I found last week called The Millionaire Maker. What is the Millionaire Maker? Can it really make you rich? No! Of course not! This is just another online scam that runs with the exact same tactic as pretty much all the other online scams does. I am going to reveal how this kind of scams lure people in in this short review.

Product: The Millionaire Maker

Owner: Todd Salerno

Price: Minimum deposit of $250

Who is it for: People who wants to get rich online on “auto-pilot” (without having to put in any effort)

What is The Millionaire Maker about?

The “voice” in the promo video claims that The Millionaire Maker is a “software” that analyzes countless volumes of market data and calculates the very best transactions, then enters at exactly the right moments… Then it reinvest the profits for you into subsequent profitable trades.

All this will happen on complete autopilot, you do not have to reasearch anything and you won´t have to make a single decision…

As soon as you sign up the program takes over.

The “voice” in the promo video also promises you that you will become a millionaire in just a couple of weeks!

This will “popup” inside of the members area after you sign up to the “first step”

But you have to join now or else someone else takes your spot…There is only 76 spots left!

Sounds good right?

Yes and if it worked everyone would be rich… This does of course not work, there is no such program that exists.

After you sign up this is what happens:

When you sign up to the first step you will be taken to another promo video with (fake) testimonials and the “voice” will tell you how easy you will get rich and show you pictures of cars, hotels and luxury in general.

The next step of the sign up is when you fill in a little more details than just your name, this time you fill out your mobile nr and such… When you have filled all the details you are taken to the trader “super” platform called OptionRally.

Inside the OptionRally platform you will understand pretty quick that this is not going to be as easy as it sounded in the promo video. Here you will find A LOT of things like education, webinars, market research, etc…

So it is not at all like you won´t need to make a decision or learn a thing or two to be able to “autopilot the money to your account”. You are also going to have to make the deposit of $250 before you are able to read all this “training”.

Take a look at the small text att the bottom of the OptionRally website, and after that take a look at the disclaimer. Here are just some parts of the text there:


The service offers financial activities that may result in the loss of part or all of the invested funds while trading. You should carefully consider whether this activity suits your needs, your financial resources and your personal circumstances.

You should also be aware of the risks associated with using an internet or mobile based system for trading options, including but not limited, the failure of hardware, software, and internet connection.

The site and the service is intended for and should only be used by individuals or entities that have sufficient experience and knowledge in financial matters to be capable of evaluating the financial data and market information displayed on the site, and the merits and risks of entering into financial contracts.

This basically tells you that everything you hear in The Millionaire Maker promo video from the “voice” is straight bullshit.

Why The Millionaire Maker is a scam?

If it walks like a scam, talks like a scam, acts like a scam and smells like a scam… Then guess what? It is a scam!

It has absolutely every scam indicators on point:

  • Claims that you have to act now or else some one else takes your spot.

Yeah right! I found The Millionaire Maker last week when it “poped up” when I was watching soccer online. I checked it again today and it is still 76 spots left. What a surprise! If you check out The Millionaire Maker website in one month, or one year it will still be 76 spots left, belive that!

  • Promises you that you will get rich without having to do anything at all!

I have seen many scams online and I can tell you that anyone who makes this kind of claims is lying to you. BIG TIME. There is no such thing as get rich quick without any effort, not online and not offline.

  • Shows you a lot of (fake) testimonials.

Fake testimonial with a $5 actor

This is also classic scam tactic. They get people to record a fake testimonial so you belive the whole thing to be true. You can hire people to do those “acting” jobs for as little as $5 at websites like for example.

Have anyone made money from The Millionaire Maker?

Short answer: No, or wait sorry that is not really true, there is people that makes money on The Millionaire Maker.

The only ones who makes money from this scam is the person (or persons) that promotes it. The only millionaires that will be made are they, and trust me if they get thousands of people to sign up for this scam they WILL make millions.

The promotors of this scam will get a hefty commision of the money that is being deposited by people that sign up to The Millionaire Maker. This is called affiliate marketing and you can do exactly the same if you want, but you do not have to sell scams or lie to people about the things you promote. The truth is that you can promote anything online and earn money from doing that, for example on sites like amazon.

It will not make you rich overnight, but it is the exact same method that has made many people able to quit their 9-5 jobs and it has also made many internet millionaires.

If you are intrested to read more about how YOU can do that click here .

Final words and Verdict

Verdict: Scam!

Overall rating: 1/10

I think I have made my point clear on the Millionaire Maker and what it is, it is a scam. The whole “money making auto trading system” is a scam, just like all the other similar ones out there.

Trading with binary options can if you are lucky make you money but it is pretty much the same thing as gambling, you never know what will happen.

What you can do to really make money online

You have made a smart choise reading this review and I know that you are a smart person that can see the difference from right to wrong.

If you are intrested in making money online I have a couple of legit programs listed on this site, all of them work but you have to put in the time and effort before you start see any money coming in.

If you are ready to do that, I can also personally guarantee that you will make an income that can replace your 9-5 job, and probably even make you more money that you had with your “normal” 9-5 job.

==>Click here to see the top 5 list on legit ways to make money from home

I hope this review on The Millionaire Maker was helpful and now you know what it is all about. Please leave a comment below! If you have any experience from trying this or any other similar product please tell us about it. It can help someone else to fall victim to this kind of scams.

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