The Malay Method SCAM aka Singapore Method Review!

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The Singapore Method aka The Malay Method Scam Review

The Singapore Method aka The Malay Method Scam Review. You are reading our scam review of two identical scams that are being launched in unison with a slew of other equally as horrible “method” scams. This scam review is only one of our “method” reviews in the an incredibly long line of copy cat “method” reviews. Please read this entire review before invest with any of the “method” hoaxes! None of them work and they are all created and run by the same group of internet scammers! We will uncover this tangled web of deception, and we won’t stop writing about their disgusting scams until they go out of business!

Why is The Singapore Method a scam?

The Singapore Method aka The Malay Method software scams are identical scams that have just been launched. Their websites are identical. Not only that, but their websites are also identical to a host of other recent “method” scams. If you haven’t kept up to date with the “method” binary options scams, here is a brief summary! In the past year over 15 “method” binary options scams have been released. They all have the same website design and sales pitch. They are all run by the same group of shady internet scammers that have no souls and no creativity. They continuously bombard the binary options community with their piles of crap. The first “method” scam they released was The Aussie Method, this was quickly followed up with The Oxford Method. We recently reviewed, The Irish Method, which is also part of this grand collection of shit. Please click on the links we have provided to read our scam reviews of these scams!

Each and every “method” scam is identical to the previous “method” scam and all of these will make you lose your entire deposit! The Singapore Method scam and The Malay Method hoax both have the same invented creator, an man named, Jake Shen. As you can see below, Jake Shen is just a stock photo being used by countless other sites online. Jake Shen doesn’t actually exist. His identity is completely manufactured. Each “method” software has a different fake name and picture. All of them are fake.

The Singapore Method

How does The Malay Method aka The Singapore Method software work?

The Singapore Method aka The Malay Method frauds work by trading automatically on your behalf. You will be asked to deposit a minimum of $250 into a broker account. The automated trading software will then begin placing trades without your input. These trades will mostly lose, and within a few days your account balance will be at a big fat ZERO. These trades are not using any strategy whatsoever. In fact, they are simply trading away your money so that the broker will give them a nice commission payment. The brokers that participate in this scam are also devious, however, it is not known if they actually understand that the software is designed to lose.

All of the testimonials and screen shots for The Singapore Method aka The Malay Method scams are fake. If you compare them to the websites of The Oxford Method, you’ll see the scam as clear as a sunrise. How anyone can fall for this is beyond our understanding. The only way these scams continue working is through a lack of education and knowledge. Most of the people who are introduced to The Singapore Method hoax are not aware that it is a copy cat scam. That is why we hope that with our review, people will start to realize what is actually going on here! These scammers will never stop until we stop them.

Binary options trading is an industry ripe for the picking, which can be a good thing and a terrible thing. Depending on your level of understanding about the market, you can either lose a lot of money OR make a nice profit. Due to this fluctuation there are countless wolves prowling around hoping to capitalize on the lack of knowledge and understanding that most new traders have. These days, it’s easier to find a scam then it is to find a legitimate product. Here at binaryscamwatchmonitor, we make it our business to find the best tested services, and black list every service that either doesn’t work, or worse yet, is designed not to work! We update our list frequently and take as many of our subscribers requests as possible. If you have a scam you’d like us to investigate, don’t hesitate to send us a message. You are better safe than sorry!

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Conclusion: The Singapore Method aka The Malay Method is a SCAM!

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If you believed that the long line of country-coordinated Scams would end with the Singapore Method, also known as the Malay Method, you are highly mistaken. Jake Shen, (if that is even his real name) and his notorious band of shady internet marketers need to stop introducing worthless software in the market.

We’ve grown tired of seeing consecutive scam applications, each bogusly claiming to be better than the others. Although we know that anything that has been created by these people is sure to be a scam, but there is always a number of beginner traders who fall prey to their lies.

We have already exposed most of their fraudulent services, including the Saffa Method, Sydney System (Review), and now it’s time to shine a light on; their most recent scam. All of these apps are equally fraudulent and treacherous, and were derived by the same individuals who constructed the Aussie Method; the fraud that caused severe losses more than a year ago.

Malay Method is introduced using the same scam tactics that were used for the other scams; like using a deceiving introductory video featuring paid actors. This review is for all the traders who want genuine facts regarding the Malay Method and whether it is capable of generating any profit.

Rehashed Scheme

There is a little confusion regarding who is actually responsible for producing this scam. The video presentations include a voice-over, who identified himself as “Jake Shen.” But then, the description area underneath the video contains a bio that was cloned from associated scam sites and refer to the individual who ‘uncovered’ ways to earn millions using the binary options trading system.

Anyhow, these conflicting facts add to the suspicions created by a lack of credible or visual confirmation, regarding whether the identities actually exist. From what we have been able to gather so far, we firmly believe that Jake Shen and all other individuals mentioned by these scammers are merely fabricated identities.

The supposed creator of the Singapore Method just happens to be the same one as in the Malay Method?

These fake personas greatly benefit these scammers by providing a cover for the producers, when they decide to disappear with all the funds that are deposited in their scams, leaving traders penniless.

Malay Method – The Same Scam With Nothing New

Here’s what we believe so far. The Malay Method is a recent addition to the long string of scams that started with the Aussie Method over a year ago. Over the year, the scammers behind the curtain have expanded their focus to target inexperienced traders from different countries and regions with their ’innovative methodologies.’ The UK, Canuck & Saffa Methods scams preceded the Malay Method, and if you visit the sites associated with these scams, you’ll find them all weirdly identical to each other.

Even the advertisement footage featuring paid actors from Fiverr is similar, the only minor changes are the names of the scams and domain pages. A large number of day traders have testified to bearing huge losses while using these scam profit-generating schemes.

One thing is for certain, the Malay Method is NOT a money-making app, and should not be entrusted with funds unless of course, you have a weird desire of giving your money away to these scammers.

These con-artists persistently refuse to stop introducing their ‘updated versions.’ However, have altered their strategies slightly and in addition to using a country based approach, are focusing on specific cities to entrap a higher number of victims.

False Reviews and Testimonials

We doubt this man is actually called Jake Shen

Those who are familiar with the binary options trading system can easily recognize the Malay Method as a fraud. However, for the sake of those unfamiliar with the scamming tactics, let’s review another piece of evidence which highlights this whole software as a total scam.

A genuine money making app does not require fake and fabricated testimonies. If a software requires paid actors to promote the app, you can easily guess its efficiency level. In any case, an authentic money-making software can produce glowing reviews only by generating the promised level of profits, which, these scammers are unable to achieve.

When you visit the Malay Method’s website, you are immediately presented with multiple testimonials that boast of the app’s ability to generate huge profits. For instance, consider the testimonial review of a young man shown on the website.

It may seem charming and convincing, but the fact is that this person was spotted providing positive reviews for many other scams including Millionaire Bot & Money Matirx, Marvins Secrets, and Sydney System. For further proof, you can view his acting profile gig here.

$10,000 Giveaway Ploy

A very tempting giveaway trap is used by these scammers to convince traders to invest. A gift of $10,000 is to be provided to anyone who registers with London System App or fails to generate at least a six figure profit within four weeks.

Jake Shen is portrayed as an honest man who seems to offer free gifts, what most people don’t realize is that this attractive offer has a downside to it. This ‘kind-hearted’ offer is actually a partnered broker derived bonus proposal with some strict contingencies.

Thus, to avail the offer of said ‘giveaways’ and to be able to withdraw funds, traders are required to maintain a significant trading volume percentage. In short, when traders finally realize that they invested with a worthless scam that is capable of generating nothing but loss, withdrawing funds become nearly impossible as this scam requires completion of specific requirements before funds are released.

Malay Method – The Final Verdict

Jake Shen is one among the thousands of greedy con-artists who have infiltrated the trading market to rob your funds. All his software are as good as garbage and can do nothing but make false assertions. Refrain from entrusting your funds to these scammers because you are definitely going to regret your decision in the future.

Is The Malay Method a Scam? Another Money Sucker!

The Malay Method promises to turn your $300 into $800-$1000 on a daily basis. All you need to do is fund your account with at least $250, sit back, and watch your bank account get gibber and bigger! Is The Malay Method a Scam or Legit?

Learn everything you need to know within my review.

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The Malay Method Review

  • Product Name: The Malay Method
  • Website:
  • Price: $250 (minimum deposit)
  • Strategy: Binary Options
  • Owner: Unkown (it’s not Jake!)
  • Score: 0/10

What’s The Malay Method ?

The Malay Method is a binary options software that is supposed to predict the financial markets and generate winning trades.

There are various clones of the Malay Method on the internet, such as The Brit Method, The Singapore Method, The Oxford Method, The Canuck Method, to name just a few. They have the same layout, the same video testimonials, the same false promises.

Avoid Binary Options

Binary Options is a dangerous type of trading where brokers have an unfair advantage against the traders. They know that it’s impossible to predict the movement of asset prices correctly within just a few minutes. Therefore, binary options is just a gambling game for most people!

It’s possible to make $800 in a day after investing $300. That’s because you will earn over 75% ROI if you make a correct guess. However, there is a high chance you will lose this money because a wrong guess will cost all your investment. Yes, the broker will keep all your money if you make a wrong guess.

The Software is a Farse!

The Malay Method is one among probably thousands of scam auto-traders that are created every year. All of them promise huge profits while reducing the risks significantly. But the truth is that no software can guarantee high winning rates, simply because they can’t predict the future!

Here is the proof that you can find in the Terms and Conditions:

Once you activate the software, it will place random trades, and you will star losing money. You will certainly win some trades, but that’s just pure luck.

In time, you will see that a few winning trades can’t beat the big edge imposed by the broker. And all your investment will vanish in a few hours.

Fake Ownership and Fake Testimonials

Here you can see Jake Shen, the supposed creator of the software:

Now, when you visit the other clone sites, you can see they are using different faces, but the layouts and phrases are just “copy and paste”!

Just like Evan from the Oxford Method and Jason from the Irish Method, Jake is just a stock image purchased from a platform like

If the owners are fake, I don’t even need to mention about all the testimonials.

The Software is Free! How Are They Making Money Then?

Yep, the software is free, but the owner is making lots of money! The software is just a bait to drag you into this money sucking machine.

Once you make the $250 deposit, the broker will pay a big commission to the owner of the Malay method website – the affiliate. Sometimes more than $100 per person!

It’s a fraudulent system where the only ones making big cash are the brokers and the affiliates.


Stay away from The Malay Method or any other platform that promises lots of money with 1 click. They are all SCAMS!

Verdict: Scam

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