TeraBit Trader is a SCAM! Authentic Review!

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Terabit Trader System Review – Scam Software Busted By Sofy!

Terabit Trader is latest binary options trading system software which claims to make you $20,000 per day. Sounds too much interesting, right? We also get excited when we heard about it from some of our online traders. They received an invitation email from Terabit Trader system and spreading their promotional offers which are too good to be believed. But, unfortunately, there is no interesting and exciting stuff in the Terabit Trader system. We found this Terabit Trader a scam system which misleads traders by providing fake promises and fake claims. It is one of the new scam systems appeared in the binary options trading industry.

You are really a lucky trader because you chose to do a little bit research about the system before making any investment and got the perfect site. Here, in this Terabit Trader review, we are going to expose all their lies and false promises one by one. We really, do care about our readers and that’s why we choose to bust this online fraud trader publicly.

Екілік опциялар брокерлерінің рейтингі 2020:

Official Website: www.terabittrader.com

Terabit Trader Review: Busted Scam Software

The story of Terabit Trader system came to the public recently, when they started to send random invitation emails to the online traders. When we did research about it, get to know everything. It started with an individual named Richard Heffner whom you found in the promotional video on the Terabit Trader website. He claimed himself as the CEO and Founder of ‘Terabit Trader’ system. He has been seen on the video explaining that he has helped 27 random people to make millionaire in the past three months. And it all becomes possible with his innovative binary options trading system that runs on auto trade mode which is totally risk free.

Also, he claims that users can make $20,000 per day with the system and they are giving you 100% guarantee about it. He said the system is based on an optical data transmission technology which makes it impossible to lose any trade. The algorithms used in the system predicts the winning trades pretty well and gives the users a total risk free trade. Well, that’s not true. They are just trying to mislead people by fake statements. So, don’t just let such systems make you fool.

Exposing the Terabit Trader Scam System:

1. First of all, let’s talk about the self-acclaimed CEO and Founder, Mr. Richard Heffner. Actually, the name Richard Heffner doesn’t exist in real. The person appeared in the video was seen earlier with many other scam systems with a different name. That mean’s he is a paid actor who is hired for promoting the system. Actors like Richard easily found on Fiverr.com, an online marketplace with cheap rate.

2. Moreover, Richard claimed that he made 27 random people millionaire within three months. Well, making 27 people millionaire within just 90 days with a legit binary options trading software is impossible. It only possible if you promote a scam system with lots of unrealistic data and information. And the testimonials also shows the fabricated earning figures.

3. In one of the testimonials, it is listed that Terabit Trader system has changed a person’s life overnight. He claimed to be made over $15,000 in first 5 days using this autopilot system. But, the question is, if the system gives you the guaranteed earning of $20,000 in a day, So, in 5 days the earning figure must be near about 1 lac USD. It seems like, they are not sure about what they are claiming.

Another point is, it’s simply impossible to earn that much figure in a day with binary options auto trade software. In binary options trading, no software will give the 100% winning results. As winning or losing a trade depends on many factors, so there must be variations in the success rate. So, how can they guarantee earning of 20,000 USD in a day, it’s just out of our knowledge? It’s a simple trick to manipulate you, so they could grab your deposits.

4. Another important point that we have seen, the trading bot of Terabit Trader gives the investors very limited options to configure the trading software. It provides only 3 configure option for a trade, whereas, a good and reliable binary options trading system gives you more than 25 configurable options before placing the trade.

As the system totally runs on auto trade, so you need to have full control of your software and trade bot. But, if there will be compromisation issues, then it might lead you to lose all your investment.

5. Terabit Trader employs some unlicensed brokers to its users. Those who have invested their money so early complained that they are getting connected with some unregistered brokers who are not regulated by FCA or don’t have the CySEC license. So, that’s one of the big disadvantages of Terabit Trader system.

Is Terabit Trader a Scam?

Yes! Definitely, it’s a scam system. There should be no doubt about it. A system which claims to have some unrealistic earning amounts, provides misleading information, fake promises, using paid actors for their promotion, must be one of the big scam systems discovered in binary options trading. Also, they didn’t forget to mention it that, the system has used cutting-edge algorithms just like the Wall Street trading firms and it will predict the best trade options for their users.

During, this Terabit Trader Review, you couldn’t find any positive side or valuable information. Only, misleading and unrealistic data are given on the website. So, definitely, they are not a reliable option.

Verdict – Avoid Terabit Trader System

Recommended Signals Provider – Code Fibo System

Final Words:

Terabit Trader is nothing but a bogus system which appears in binary options trading to looted traders like your’s hard earned money. It’s a filthy money making system providing wrong data and misguide you. So, you are advised to avoid any kind of invitation from this scam system.

Terabit Trader Software is a SCAM Review!

Is Terabit Trader a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading System?

Does Terabit Trader spark your interest into investing or making money online? Be CAREFUL of this offer as our research shows that Terabit Trader Software by Richard Heffner at terabittrader.com is a HOAX! In fact, the Terabit Trader is basically the return of an old scam, GPS Trader, and Safe Guard Trader ! These three offers have a lot of similarities which provides illogical and dishonest information to newbie traders. Even more, Terabit Trader’s result and performance seem to be unfavorable to traders & testers as we noticed the high volume of complaints on this trading software. Please read before investing into Terabit Trader!

Terabit Trader Fraudulent Content and Lies!

To start with, we do notice the vast similarities between Terabit Trader and GPS Trader/Safe Guard Trader scam in terms of its misleading information . They are rather identical we would say, but amazingly, we found that all these frauds has the same spokesperson! Yes! Richard Heffner, the alleged CEO & Founder of Terabit Trader is coincidentally holding the same position in the other two scams! Hence, this shows that these hoaxes are actually a reproduction of themselves and Terabit Trader is presently the scam artist’s latest episode! Thus, re-branding Richard Heffner’s old scam certainly brings no surprise to its poor performance since its simply a resurrection of old lies!

The first noticeable red-flag for many scams is the guarantee of $20,000 per day profit within 24 hours! The aggressive sales presentation for Terabit Trader starts with the emphasis of showing its most recent members earning $20,000 within 24 hours and prompts viewers to sign up immediately. So, it resembles very much to a typical “Get Rich Quick” schemes that usually involves “too good to be true” profits or winnings! As a matter of fact, profiting $20,000 within the first 24 hours as claimed by Richard is impossible for a minimum deposit of $250! Let alone the figure itself is already unlikely, but the emphasis on the FIRST 24 hours makes it a HUGE lie !

Binary options trading is profitable, however, a more workable goal of profits per day would be 10% to 30% of account growth per day! Growing your account 80 times within the first 24 hours as asserted by this scam is highly unlikely. Any experienced trader can actually vouch for that fact! In addition to that, Richard’s success stories are also not trustworthy because there is no actual trade history and the declaration of “cashing out the money within the next day” is also false! Typical withdrawals in binary options trading require a few days of processing! Thus, another obvious lie!

100% Strike Rate and Impossible to LOSE?

Besides the above, the declaration of No Loss Software is yet another favorite trick scammers loves to trick innocent victims! Let us examine the truth of Terabit Trader’s Rapid Counter Trade (RCT) whereby Richard claims to be the key to the 100% win Guarantees ! The RCT, the fantasized protocol that works with its Optical Data Transmission (ODT) utilizes the quantum data transmission to place counter trades to counter losing trades. Although this theory may work in conventional trading, it may not work in binary trading!

The reason for this is simply because binary trading has a fixed expiry and a lockout time to a particular trade. Hence, traders can’t place a counter trade in the “last second” before the trade expires for the same expiry time! So no matter how fast your connection speed is, traders will not be able to execute such a counter trade. Due to the lockout period which is usually 10 minutes before the latest expiry! In addition to that, these are no such thing as a 100% win software as well! The reality of trading is that loss is inevitable and scammers usually promise such blatant lie just to sound godly!

As much as the Richard attempts to prove that TerabitTrader is indeed 100% win software, there is zero genuine testimony in this offer. Take the mentioning from Jack Bogle from Vanguard Group and CNN Business Review supporting this revolutionary scam for example. There is no actual article or mentioning of Terabit Trader from either these two famous figures from the financial industry! Our investigation reveals the falseness of this testimony immediately!

Terabit Trader Conclusion!

With the evidence above, we conclude that Terabit Trader is a worthless SCAM that you should refrain from investing! These are no genuine and authentic information with regards to Richard Heffner’s presentation. Also, there are no actual success stories from Terabit Trader Software. Additionally, the typical scam tactics we observe in many scams are also employed here in this scam. Especially the over promising/exaggerated profit potential to appear as a “Get Rich Quick” opportunity and false testimonies! Misleading details of trading binary options by Richard Heffner adds to the list of red flags and lies!

Better Approach to Investing Binary Options!

We like to express our deepest thanks to reading our Terabit Trader Scam Review! This viral hoax is one of many scams which we have Blacklisted for obvious trading scam software preying on newbies. Do refer to our Blacklist before investing into any automated trading system! If you are interested in practicing a certain trading strategy, Test it on a DEMO account first beforehand! In the case of any trading software that gives signals, you could actually practice their signals on a demo as well if this is your first time trading!

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