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Я недавно нашел этот индикатор и нашел, что это своего рода свихнувшийся, так что я смотрел его теперь его . XaosExplore_PerkyMod.mq4 (5.0 KB, 942 Просмотры) РАУ MTF HAS Bar A.mq4 (8.7 KB, 777 Просмотры)
РАУ MTF HAS Bar A.mq4 РАУ MTF HAS Bar B.mq4 РАУ MTF HAS.tpl РАУ T3-1.mq4 . Форекс блог, Вы можете наслаждаться здесь много торговых систем, Советники, Индикаторы .
Я недавно нашел этот индикатор и нашел, что это своего рода свихнувшийся, так что я смотрел его теперь его . XaosExplore_PerkyMod.mq4 (5.0 KB, 942 Просмотры) РАУ MTF HAS Bar A.mq4 (8.7 KB, 777 Просмотры)
Meta Trader 4 (MT4) является индикатором для отображения коллекции. Этот сайт, и . Rads_MTF_HAS_Bar_A.mq4. Range_v2.2.mq4. RAVI.mq4. RelUpTrLen_forCodeBase_v01.mq4

MT4 Индикаторы Forex – Инструкции по загрузке

РАУ MTF HAS Bar А является Metatrader 4 (MT4) Индикатор и суть форекс-индикатора заключается в преобразовании накопленных данных истории.

РАУ MTF бар у предусматривает возможность обнаруживать различные особенности и закономерности в динамике цен, которые не видны невооруженным глазом.

На основании этой информации, трейдеры могут предполагать дальнейшее движение цены и скорректировать свою стратегию соответственно.

Рекомендуемый Форекс Metatrader 4 Торговая платформа:

  • Свободно $30 Для того, чтобы начать торговать Мгновенно
  • Бонус на депозит до $5,000
  • Безлимитная Программа лояльности
  • Награды наградами Forex брокер

Как установить РАУ MTF HAS Bar A.mq4?

  • Скачать РАУ MTF HAS Bar A.mq4
  • Копия РАУ MTF HAS Bar A.mq4 в каталог Metatrader / эксперты / показатели /
  • Запуск или перезагрузить Metatrader 4 клиент
  • Выберите Диаграмма и Временной интервал, где вы хотите проверить свои индикаторы МТ4
  • Поиск “Пользовательские индикаторы” в вашем навигаторе основном осталось в Metatrader 4 клиент
  • Щелкните правой кнопкой мыши на РАУ MTF HAS Bar A.mq4
  • Присоединить к графику
  • Изменить настройки или нажмите кнопку ОК
  • Индикатор РАУ MTF HAS Bar A.mq4 доступен на графике

Как удалить РАУ MTF HAS Bar A.mq4 из вашей диаграммы Metatrader?

Екілік опциялар брокерлерінің рейтингі 2020:
  • Выберите таблицу, где индикатор работает в вашем Metatrader 4 клиент
  • Щелкните правой кнопкой мыши на график
  • “список индикаторов”
  • Выберите индикатор и удалить

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72# Rads Reverse MTF HAS Trading System

submit by joy22

(this review write Rad author system)

I have been trading and testing various systems for the past couple of years and have learned a great deal from all the great traders on these boards. I have even shared a few ideas along the way. Now I would like to start a new thread to share what I believe is the best system I have tried so far. It is a compilation of ideas from a number of others but has it’s own unique methods.

One of the key parts as some of you may notice is the use of the Heiken Ashi Smoothed indicator and the MultiTimeFrame Bars as used by Don Steinitz. I have found too often that watching the candles themselves leads me to make impulsive trades when I see what appears to be a breakout move. Don’s idea to use the HAS with a line graph has helped me settle down and improve my trading. In fact, if you are familiar with his great system you know he works top down. My system is the reverse as it works bottom up! We start on the lower time frame and look to the higher ones for signals.

This is a MTF system and you can see on the chart what is going on on the other time frames. Every time frame will show you the current and the next three higher time frames for reference.

The indicators on the chart are :

Blue Line – my main indicator. It is a 27 period T3 moving average. I can’t explain exactly how a T3 differs but it is much smoother that a regular moving average. As a fan of W. D. Gann, I like his use of the number 9 in his various strategies and I incorporate it wherever possible. Thus the 27 (9 X 3).

Orange Line – 27 T3 on next higher time frame.

Red Line – 27 T3 on next higher time frame.

Purple Line – 27 T3 on next higher time frame.

Maroon Line – 729 EMA. This again is a multiple of 9 (9 X 9). Comparable to the 800 that some others like to use. I find it to be a sort of equilibrium point. Price invariably tends to return to that level. When you see price stalling, check the various time frames and usually you will find that it is the 729EMA on one of them.

Grey line – 2 period smoothed EMA . Represents price action.

HAS and HAS Extension – This gives the main visual indication of the move. I added the extension to help identify false breaks.

Center Window – MTF HAS Bars . These bars show the HAS indicator on the current and next 3 higher time frames.

Bottom Window – T3 Stochastic . Again, somewhat smoother than a regular stochastic. Set to 21-5-3 seems to line up very well with the other indicators.

This is a trend following system and so we look to enter and trade with the current trend on whatever time frame we are looking at. We want to identify reversal points and enter as close to the beginning of a trend as possible and add to our positions when possible.

Reversals are identified by a cross of the T3 accompanied by a color change on the HAS and a matching cross on the stochastics. In order to filter out false trades, look at the Center Window and wait for the first matching color change on the next higher time frame for the entry. When you see all trend lines converge, wait for the breakout indication to take the trade. You will often see all four bars in the center window change color at the same time just as stochastic crosses and a T3 line is crossed. That is a great entry point.

During the move watch for small corrections indicated by a change in color on the HAS but not the extension and on the current MTF Ba r. Watch for stochastic to peak and cross back in the original trend direction and for the MTF Bar to resume its original color. This is often a good point to add to your position.

Exits are up to you. I use a combination of Murray Math lines and fib retracements to look for price to stall. Failure to penetrate a higher time frame T3 line or the 729 can also be a good signal to take your profits.

The template is setup to show the correct lines on every time frame so if you are on the 5 min, you will see the 5, 15, 30, and 60 T3 lines. If you are on the 30 min you will see the 30 min, the 60min, the 4hr and the daily T3, and so forth.

The trade system is the same on every time frame but obviously you need to adjust your trade size and stops accordingly. It also works on every pair I have looked.

Share your opinion, can help everyone to understand the forex strategy.

Price Action Trading with Indicators! The Freebie System

Ready to make some real money & QUIT your job working for the man.
Sure, Looks Good 79%
Maybe, Once i Go Broke Using Other Systems 12%
Nah,Just Not For Me
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  • First Post : Edited Nov 25, 2020 11:39am Jan 18, 2020 12:10am | Edited Nov 25, 2020 11:39am

Very Easy System!! & SUPER Profitable!! If Traded Properly.

Why is it called «The Freebie Newbie System»? BECAUSE IT IS FREE & Newbie FRIENDLY.


GREEN LINES are Buys . RED LINES are Sells in the pictures attached below!

YES THIS IS PRICE ACTION TRADING! HA Candles WILL CONFIRM ANY . I REPEAT. ANY PRICE ACTION SETUP! If you have something to say about repainting indicators. READ MY OTHER THREAD! All ready went over all that BS with other people that DO NOT trade for a living and they do not know HOW TO USE a indicator properly! WE ARE NOT USING THE ZZ indicator or ZigZag indicator to ENTER THE TRADE!!

If you want to call me out on something/be rude or think i am wrong about something. LETS TAKE IT OUTSIDE THE THREAD,LIKE MEN!!( PM me ) . Im sure i can PROVE to you how your wrong and im right!! I am here to HELP people not ARGUE WITH IMMATURE NEWBIES that dont know anything!! or IMMATURE OLD TRADERS that are stuck in there OLD WAYS!(Cant Teach an OLD DOG NEW TRICKS!) lol

Here is the LINK to the 1st Freebie System Thread:

www.forexfactory.com/showthread.php?t=276813 (www.forexfactory.com/showthread.php?t=276813)
I must warn you people there trashed it with alot of the same questions so its full of BS questions that have been answered like 100 times over and over again!

www.forexfactory.com/poll.php. lts&pollid=828 (www.forexfactory.com/poll.php?do=showresults&pollid=828) (Had over 300 votes, 86+%)

DO NOT post on this thread with questions about OTHER indicators . THEY ARE NOT NEEDED! I DO NOT add other indicators then find new ones like other thread starters. DO NOT ask me if i trade this or if it is profitable! . look at the other thread i started. ALL ANSWERS are there. DO NOT post asking for the indicators.. DO NOT post asking others for indicators, PM THEM!! . IF you DO NOT know what is on my charts PM me . these indicators ARE FREE and CAN ALL be SEARCHED AND FOUND on this forum or any other forum about investing! KEEP THIS THREAD CLEAN OF BS QUESTIONS. PLEASE!!



1) Stoch (10,3,3. Simple, Close/Close) or pick your own!
2) Heiken Ashi (HA CANDLES!!)
3) ZZ Semafor
4) ZigZag
5) Pivot & Mid Pivot Points(Any Pivots WILL WORK!)
6) Daily Range Calculator

There are only 4 SIMPLE RULES!


Trade With The Trend
1) ZZ Semafor On TOP(Within 1-3 Candles)
2) Failed At Pivot
3) Stoch Crossed DOWN
4) HA Candle Closed RED
SL= Last High(ZZ Semafor Dot)
TP= 1:1-1:4(risk/reward) or Use Other Pivots(The Daily Range indicator will tell you what pivot to MAX PROFITS)

Trade With The Trend
1) ZZ Semafor On BOTTOM(Within 1-3 Candles)
2) Failed At Pivot
3) Stoch Crossed UP
4) HA Candle Closed GREEN
SL= Last Low(ZZ Semafor Dot)
TP= 1:1-1:4(risk/reward) or Use Other Pivots(The Daily Range indicator will tell you what pivot to MAX PROFITS)

Money Management/Break Even/Lot Size. etc. is up to YOU! The Freebie System will get you in the trades you just have to manage them properly!!
I will add the MM/BE/TSL and other parts of how i trade my system as this thread picks up.

*If you DO NOT KNOW what a «FAIL AT PIVOT» means.. GOOGLE it or look it up here on FF. or better yet. JUST DONT USE IT..my system WILL STILL WORK WITHOUT IT*

It can be used on ANY TF. ANY Session. A NY PAIR or STOCK!! . that is up to you and what you like to trade! The higher the TF the more pips. just as any other system! I use it on the M15 for Day Trading myself and i also use it on the H1-D1 for longer TERM TRADES! You Will Have Losing Trades. Nothing is 100%

Trend= More Pips
Counter Trend= Less Pips

For which way to trade, buy or sell. GO WITH A HIGHER TF TREND! HUH? WHAT? I dont understand. TREND is up to you, i look for higher highs or lower lows. TOO HARD? Then use a Moving Average or some kind of TREND indicator you are comfortable with like SuperTrend,TopTrend,Trend Strength,HMA,Parabolic SAR,A higher TFs HA CANDLE COLOR. . ETC . If you cant find the TREND . stick with your day job cause trend is not that hard.

Any questions look at my other thread for this system. I KNOW THE ANSWERS ARE IN IT! LOL.

Attached is the Indicators & BASIC TEMPLATES! YOU MUST ADD your Trend INDICATOR! If you do not want to use the MTF HA indicator!

************* Please Take The Poll On This Thread Or The First «Freebie» Thread & Please RATE MY THREAD************

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