Profit Shield is a SCAM!

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Profit Shield is another scam software which is worth exposing in this review. Anyone who is considering signing up to the service should read this in-depth review. After watching the video narration and reading this review, there will be no doubt in your mind about the authenticity of the software. If anything it is a false system with the purpose of extorting money from newbie traders.

Right from the get go you will discover that just about everything about this software is a scam. The domain name itself i.e., starts with the name ’profit’ in it, but it’s a deceptive term because investors will never make a profit. As a matter of fact, they stand to lose every penny.

We were at first confused after watching the video narration. To start with the video does not say anything about how the Profit Shield System works. In their effort to market a robot that does not work, they have in effect rendered people confused.

The main reason for a confusing video though is that the people behind it know nothing about binary options trading. They are merely advertisers who were paid to produce a promotional video for a product they knew nothing about.

People who were conned by the software, and purchased it thinking they had this once in a lifetime opportunity are now regretting it. The vast majority of people were deceived by these fake positive reviews which talk about making millions in months. We strongly advise readers to search for and read credible reviews that provide accurate information about the software before they invest any money. That’s the only way to be safe.

What is this even supposed to mean?

The Profit Shield App is nothing but a waste of your hard earned money something that many people who have used it will testify to. Once you have read through this comprehensive review of the scam, there will be no doubt in your mind that this is fraud at its very best.

Екілік опциялар брокерлерінің рейтингі 2020:

We went through the entire video and read the whole website. Though the only thing we could understand is that Profit Shield is a binary options trading software that operates on some sort of sixty-second cycle.

If anything, that too is a fraud. Like other similar scam software, they are targeting newbie traders. The thing to keep in mind for anyone who finds this system attractive is that there is no such thing as easy money. So, any system that promises free money like the Profit Shield software is, in fact, a fraud making bogus claims.

Proof of Profit Shield System being a Scam

Once we watched the video and heard the narration, it was clear that Profit Shield was misleading people with false claims. At first, they assert that the authorities are chasing them for revealing this great money making secret which isn’t true. These types of stories are only used to deceive people who think that the system is rigged against them.

The binary options industry is a global marketplace, and so it’s not controlled by any one government or financial institution. So, it’s a huge lie when they say that the website is going to be banned because they are some sort of modern day Robin Hood, whose making people rich and the authorities want them because of it.

Avoid the Instant Rich Scam

The other aspect of this scam is the questionable mention of it helping people become rich quick. The narrator of the video claims that he made eight hundred thousand dollars in just a year. We are surprised as to what stopped him from saying that he made a million in a couple of months?

Perhaps they have learned a few lessons from the criticism received from reviews of other systems in the past. It is a fact that the Profit Shield is a scam because it is simply impossible for any system to make the type of money that’s claimed by the creator.

We were not able to find any software in the years of reviewing binary options systems that can make this type of money. Binary option is a global market, and so it’s near impossible to predict the outcome of a commodity or item. It is, for this reason, we are very skeptical that the software can do what they are claiming.

Is Profit Shield Software Free?

It is certainly not free! Free would mean that you can use the software robot without having to spend any money. However, despite claiming it is free when you try using it, they say that you need to fund the live trading account via a broker of their choosing.

So, even here you don’t have a choice and are forced to choose a shady broker. If anything this is a scam, not only because the software is not working as it should but also because they are using typical bait and switch methods.

Bad sales video presentation

When you see the software for yourself, it leaves no doubt. You will be automatically convinced of every word they tell you. But when it comes to Profit Shield the video presentation is at best inconsistent; it is like they are saying many different things without getting to the point. It begs the question if the person whose narrating the video knows anything about trading and the software.

They make it look as though the software will make money using some kind of brute force method. Any trader will tell you that making money by trading financial assets will require spending time studying the system. You’d also need to be familiar with the various indicators and the analysis required. Though this isn’t the case with the Profit Shield robot.

It is pretty clear that the narrator of the video has gathered information from various sources across the internet and included them in the presentation. Also, the narration does not talk about the financial assets industry and market which is an important part of the software. We were left wondering if the presentation was actually describing trading or some sort of market hack. If anything the video seems disconnected from reality.

Definitely don’t sit back and relax with this system

According to the creators of the tool, anyone can make money irrespective of their market knowledge or the investment industry. Again, this is a deception on their part. How can anyone make money using a system, in an industry they have no clue about?

We think that the software was meant to deceive newbie traders. Anyone who is trying to make money without putting in any effort would perhaps fall for these claims. Though they will end up losing all their money to the scammers as a result.

Fake reviews, claims, and testimonials

The testimonials section is a joke. But it’s a crude joke laden with lies. Profit Shield is a scam, and so anyone who says something to the contrary is being deceptive. However, many of them are probably getting paid to be deceptive. We conclude that the testimonials, reviews, and claims are all fake.

Final Word

It is probably clear to anyone and everyone reading this review that Profit Shield is fake and so it shouldn’t be trusted unless you want to lose money. There is no shortage of APPs and systems which can help you make money trading online and which are not a scam.

However, you’ll not make millions in months or even a few years. Trading has inherent risks, and so there is always the chance you will lose money. We have a complete list of reviews for binary options trading software and tools that are not scams.

Is Profit Shield a Scam? Avoid Serious Losses!

You came across a promo video talking about a powerful software capable of making over $6,000 per day. What’s even more incredible is that it doesn’t require any knowledge or effort, and it’s completely free of charge!

It makes you wish so badly it was true, right? But is Profit Shield a legitimate opportunity, or just another blatant scam? Read my review and you will see what’s the true color of this supposedly money making machine.

Profit Shield Review

  • Product Name: Profit Shield
  • Website:
  • Price: $250 (minimum deposit)
  • Money Making Strategy: Binary Options
  • Owner: Anonymous
  • Recommended? No, Stay Away!

Score: 0 out of 10

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First Things First – What is Binary Options?

Binary options is a very risky kind of trading where you have to decide if the price of an asset will go up or down after some time. Assets include commodities, currency pairs, stocks, band indices.

There are different types of trading, but the Call/Put is the most common. Here, you have to decide if the price is going up (CALL) or down (PUT) the current price, how much you want to trade and the expiration time. If you are right, you win 70% – 85%, but if you are wrong you lose 100% or close to it.

This large advantage is how Brokers (trading firms) make millions at the expense of people’s hard earned money. Besides, it’s very risky because the financial market is so unpredictable!

What is Profit Shield?

Profit Shield is a binary options trading software that will place trades automatically for you. They act as an affiliate of the brokerage firm.

All you have to do is fund your account with $250, activate the software and hope the money rolls in.

Check out this statement:

Well, they don’t mention you can quickly lose $6,329+ in a single day because of the huge house edge. Even if you win a bit more than half the trades, you are still losing money.

Profit Shield uses the same deceptive tactic as Smart Profits, Instant Income App, Market Buster, Profit Shield and hundreds of others.

Does it Really Work?

In simple English, no, it doesn’t work!

They are basically saying their software can predict the market with real-time datasets and information from the dark and semantic web.

Does it make any sense? They don’t tell which datasets and which kind of information they gather from these unindexed web databases. It’s like saying: “we gather information from somewhere and we don’t want to tell you”

Can you imagine if there was really a software able to do that?

First of all, all brokers would go bankrupt, and second, the economy would collapse because of lack of workforce. Yes, the knowledge about such a miraculous software would spread the World at the speed of light and everyone would quit their jobs after earning $6000 in the first month.

Do you remember when the narrator said that Profit Shield is not a trading robot that makes trades at random? Let’s suppose there is really an algorithm working behind the scenes. Well, it doesn’t really matter because it won’t predict the market with any level of accuracy. What matters is that the results will be random, and that’s really dangerous!

Psychological Tactics

In addition to all the hype about the thousands of dollars you will make quickly and easily, these guys are using 2 other tactics to catch you out – Please don’t fall for them!

  1. The software is completely free – They make you believe this is an amazing opportunity, but most automated trading software is are given out for free. Why? Because affiliates such as Profit Shield earns a big fat commission from the broker every time you make a deposit. So they are making huge profits anyway, and the free software is just a bait.
  2. There are very few positions available – They want you to act fast so that you don’t think rationally or do proper research to find the truth. It’s a lie, the more people in, the more money they will make.

No FAQ, No Demo Account, and No T&C! HECK!

What I found most disturbing about Profit Shield is that it locks any written information about the platform and trading in general. You will need to fund your account first.

Different from many others automated trading platforms, it also doesn’t provide any demo account. People are left completely in the dark when it comes to the risks of trading and how the software really works.


Binary Options is significantly risky and, therefore, it’s not recommended to those that cannot afford to lose at least $250.

Profit Shield is a deceitful website because it doesn’t warn people about the real risks. On the contrary, it just says you are guaranteed to make huge profits on autopilot. This is cannot be far from the truth, so in my opinion, Profit Shield is another fraudulent system.

Invest In Your Own Online Business

What’s the point working for other people and losing your hard earned money for a brokerage firm? I cannot afford to lose $250 at this moment of my life, and I know you can’t too!

But there is a wise alternative if you want to make good money online. To be honest, it’s my favourite alternative as it offers a low risk and high potential. It’s called Affiliate Marketing.

In affiliate marketing, you become a business owner from the moment you create your own website and starts promoting company’s products and services. With a website, you are able to scale your business to a full-time income online and have amazing flexibility in your life.

It takes time and hard work, but the possibility to quit your job while still young can be a great motivational factor. I know many people who achieved their financial goals as affiliate marketers and now are reaping the benefits of working from home. It’s definitely worth it!

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So, what do you think about binary options and this specific trading software? So you have any experience in trading? Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions in the box below.

Profit Shield Review: Is it a Scam?

If you are someone who ran across profit shield and are wondering whether it is a legitimate program or a scam, then you’ve come to the right place. Today I am going to be reviewing it, and giving you my thoughts about it.

What is Profit Shield?

The Profit Shield income suite is a binary options trading software that claims to automate the buying and trading system. The spokesperson claims that he has set up an advance algorithm that is military grade protected… I’m not exactly sure what that even means.

It supposedly combines the use of the little-known “Brute Force” method with large real-time data sets and information.

Is Profit Shield a Scam?

Unfortunately, Profit Shield is in fact a scam. I’m sure you made it to this post because you were smart enough to question the legitimacy of the program before jumping in and investing the $250 that they want from you.

I’m not going to lie to you, I did not invest the $250 in order to give it a try and prove that its a scam. With many of the product that I review, I will purchase them in order to give an honest, and trust worthy review.

Here’s why I didn’t buy it…

I’ve seen this same scam time and time again. Binary options trading scams pop up all over the place on a regular basis, and they all look incredibly similar and not one of them has actually worked.

7 Day Millionaire , Millionaire Money Machine , and PopBizOp are just a few of these scams that I have reviewed in the past. Just check them out and see for yourself the similar claims that they make.

I recommend you go and read about my Top Ranked Program Wealthy Affiliate .

The Risks of Signing Up

One thing that I want you to be real careful about, is giving them your email address and a password in order to sign up for the account. This goes for any website that might seem a little bit fishy.

When you give them your email and set up a password for the account, there is a good chance that you have used that same email address and password for other accounts.

Some websites like these will take the email and password that you provide, and attempt to use them to log into your other accounts. I’m fairly sure that this happened once before to me with my PayPal account, luckily I used a different password so they just temporarily locked my account with failed login attempts.

Even if you don’t have a PayPal account, they can still try to login to your actual email accounts in order to get personal information off of you. This can jeopardize not only you, but also the people you email.

Profit Shield Review Conclusion

Just in general, trading binary options is a risky business. You can make money doing it, but there is no fool proof plan that will make you millions without putting in any effort.

If you have a bunch of money to invest you could make a living trading binary options, a bunch of people do, but you have to put in the time and effort to learn the system and invest in an educated way.

Profit Shield is a…

and you should avoid it at all costs.

How I Legitimately Make Money Online

Although many of the claims that you hear about making money online are scams, there are actually legit ways to make money online.

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