Plenitude Formula is a SCAM!

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Plenitude Formula Review – Scam Software With Fake Testimonials!

As nowadays lots of people are getting involved in binary options trading to earn money, to be a successful trader, you need to have a good overview in trading. For that, you need to choose a perfect binary options auto trader to increase your profits. You have to choose the right one from bundles of frauds and scam. And this is where Plenitude Formula comes in, as this software is newly introduced in the trading market by Mr. George Ackeman. It is an another name in the list of fraud and scam automated trading binary options signal software.

In the video presentation, Mr. George tried his level best to convince that this software is free from any scam and loophole. He used many fabricated lines and statement to give a clear picture in front of all site visitors. Anybody can understand in his/her first visit that this platform is created by shady scammers with a motive to drain your investment and your dream of making money with Binary Options trading.

In this Plenitude Formula review, I will give you all shreds of evidence which I have collected related to Plenitude Formula, that will prove to you that it a confirmed scam software .

Plenitude Formula Scam Exposed With Proofs!

The owner of Plenitude Formula is Mr. George Ackeman. You might be feeling excited that you can be a millionaire in one month. He is offering you a real lifetime opportunity using which you can achieve a luxurious life in one month or even in a single day. Sounds so good. Right? But the truth is Mr. George and even all its satisfied clients and users are paid actors. Mr. George is not the owner of Plenitude Formula software, he is playing the role of the holder only to introduce this software. Behind it, there are a bunch of scammers who remain in a scope to trap you and to steal your money in couple of hours.

All scam website and software follow different strategies to catch new traders and so did Plenitude Formula. They are claiming that this software will not remain available after some limited period of time. They are not providing any genuine money making software they are just trying to find new traders so that they can easily swallow their money by luring them. In the full video presentation of Plenitude Formula software, he has made many unrealistic claims to get many newbie investors to get registered. I have collected many points and proofs that are more than enough to blacklist this scam software. And in this Plenitude Formula Review, I am going to share all collected evidence that goes against Plenitude Formula.

100% Winning Rate. Seriously?

Mr. George is claiming that this software generates winning signals constantly. But the central fact is that there is no auto trader ever developed that can always generate profitable signals. If you will do a little-bit research about scam softwares, then you will get to know that every scam software will claim unrealistic daily profits and ITM Rate. Plenitude Formula software provides assurance that it can make you a millionaire within one month. Never fall into this trap. It is not a money making software, and it is a big scam software with hell lot of fake claims, actors.

In the pitch video of Plenitude Formula scam, they were displaying some happy users who are making thousands of dollars each month using this software. So are they really making money via this software? Of course Not! All the users who were giving their testimonials are just paid actors who are paid for reading the lines which were given to them. Anyone can hire them for just for 5$ from You can check gig of one of the paid actor on So do you really think that any binary options auto trader who are using paid actors to get reviews about their system will be legit?

Earn 10,000 dollars and 14 million dollars in 14 months!

This statement is completely fabricated. Mr. George shows his fake bank statement to demonstrates the ability of the software. It is just a greedy approach to lure more investors into this system. He claims that Plenitude Formula software can yield profit of around $7,000 to $10,000 every day. Undoubtedly, a 12 year student know that this statement is totally unrealistic and is not possible at all.

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In the full video of Plenitude Formula scam, instead of introducing to the working principle and algorithm of the software, he, again and again, was trying his best to lure traders by showing bogus bank statements with huge figures and some fake dreams. If this software really existed in the binary options trading market, it wouldn’t have been long until they would be featured on newspaper or magazines.

But I am unable to find Plenitude Formula in any magazines or newspaper, they are officially Google-proof. Also, I am not able to physical track their setup of the company and even existence of their so-called millionaire making software. They are just another dirty shady scammers who are running a fake software and trying to steal you money in the name of this huge money making scheme.

Domain registration:

The owner claims that Plentitude Formula software is successful from the very beginning. Their team of beta testers are making millions of dollars each month. Seriously? How it can be possible if official website of Plenitude Formula is registered on 2nd November 2020. So are you still thinking that a software whose website is registered 12 days ago can make millions for dollars to you?

Thanks for reading my Plenitude Formula review carefully. I hope you got enough reasons to avoid Plenitude Formula scam. It’s just another dirty scam who are trying their best to scam innocent people’s money.

Final Verdict: Plenitude Formula is Confirmed Scam! Avoid It!

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Plenitude Formula Review, SCAM Exposed With Proof!

The Plenitude Formula Software by George Ackerman is a BLACKLISTED SCAM, and we will expose this fake app and trading robot in our fair and impartial review and investigation. Today you are in for a special treat because we have just now obtained valid information confirming the real identity of George Ackerman (alias). This is what’s referred to as “a smoking gun”, and once you view this piece of evidence you will immediately realize you are not dealing with a legit or genuine trading app. In fact this is a clear cut case where we know internet-savvy affiliate marketers are pulling the strings behind the scenes and promoting this dangerous scheme in a very deceptive and misleading way. Keep reading to see how we shed light on this dirty little operation and why our findings led us to the inevitable conclusion that we have stumbled on another financial SCAM.

Official SCAM Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Proof of SCAM:
George Ackerman is really Eric Newsome, and he is an actor who mainly does commercials. Below you can see him starring in a Brooks running shoes teaser where he is portraying some kind of nutty Doctor in a laboratory. We believe you will notice a striking resemblance, and that is because “Ackerman” and the Doctor are the same person.

Plenitude Formula Software Review:
George Ackerman is inviting you to join a group of 15 Beta testers who are all making between $10,000 to $70,000 a DAY, using the “world’s first ever instant profit auto-trading software.” He is saying you can be a “guaranteed millionaire months from now” and he will unveil this secret now. He claims “this is not one of those scam videos”, and your life will dramatically change after watching it. He says that none of his students have had any form of trading experience, and every single one of them is making life-changing profits on auto-pilot. Additionally, he boldly states that the software will NOT fail and the wins are guaranteed.

He also says that the profitable trades are only available to the insiders, and unless you are a part of the inner circle you will never have access. Today, Mr. Ackerman is giving you the keys to the inner circle, but time is limited because after 250 plays the video will be removed and the offer closed.

In reality, we know Ackerman is an actor and he is performing at the behest of the online promoters operating behind the scenes and peddling this dirty app. This scam employs all the familiar scam tactics such as hyped-up claims, inflated bank accounts, fake testimonials, and stolen images.

Is it Free?
Absolutely not! You will end up paying at least $250 and that money will be debited to your credit card by one of their slimy brokers (which may or may not be regulated).

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Fake Reviews
We are seeing a growth in fake reviews flooding the internet, and this is due to the fact that many industry-leading site owners are getting paid to write favorable reviews.

Signals Versus Trading Robots
If you are stuck and considering your options, we recommend you try out one of our recommended systems since we have tested all of them and they passed our rigorous credibility test with flying colors.

Review Conclusions and Summary
The Plenitude Formula Software by George Ackerman is a nasty SCAM and we had to BLACKLIST it in our honest and impartial review. We found this scheme to be particularly deceptive and misleading, and could not find anything remotely explanatory having to do with how the app works, the accuracy levels, and the technology which powers it. While we understand that proprietary technology is always a sensitive issue, when offering it to the public there has to be more transparency and validity tests which provide assurances concerning the legitimacy and quality of the software. In this context, we perceive the Plenitude Formula to be fraudulent software, and from our experience once a deposit is made and an account funded the money is blown in a matter of seconds. We have decided not to try it ourselves this time since we received consecutive complaints describing a similar scenario where an account is funded and then the money disappears almost instantly with no one to talk to or any way to retrieve stolen funds. Due to the indisputable evidence we have compiled and the disgusting nature of this system we have decided to warn all our members and viewers and ask them to seek alternative means of investing. To learn more join our Facebook Page and YouTube channel.

Plenitude Formula Review: Run Away from this Scam!

In this Plenitude Formula review, we dig into some of the reasons why this program is definitely a scam.

Plenitude Formula Review

PRODUCT NAME: Plenitude Formula
Price: Minimum of $250
Overall Ranking: 0/100
Owner: Some guy called “George Ackerman”
Verdict: Scam
Our Recommendation: This is another high-risk binary options scam. If you want to learn how to build a real business online, check out my top recommendation.

I am not a Binary Options expert. What I am is someone who can call BS when he sees one. In case you missed the verdict, I call BS on Plenitude Formula.

I normally enjoy reviewing these binary options scams because I do not have to spend money to test a program that screams “scam” straight from the homepage, they are extremely easy to review due to how similar they all are, they bring the hidden private investigator in me and lastly, the acting and quality in their videos are usually impressive these days. Imagine my disappointment when I saw how poor the quality of Plenitude Formula’s sales video was.

These scams make their videos long and deliberately hide the video player controls from you for a reason. They sell you dreams of high earnings early on and then count on you getting bored quickly of the crap they are talking. You stop the video and then sign up for free.

Well, it worked! I do not know how long that video is because I stopped it when I got bored, but I did not stop it before I had enough evidence to back up my claim that Plenitude Formula is a scam .

The Owner

Normally, it is almost impossible to identify the people that pose as the owner of these binary options scams. I know they are actors, but I never ever find them.

In the case of Plenitude Formula, I found him…

The guy that plays the role of George Ackerman in the Plenitude Formula movie is an actor that goes by the name of Eric Newsome.

He has to be a very desperate actor to accept to read a script that claims you will earn $70,000 per day! I have seen bogus claims before, but $70k a day? Come on now…

This is more serious than a movie. This is a real life scam where actual people lose money. I do not understand why this actor would get himself tangled in something that could destroy his reputation.

The Testimonials

This is where the private investigator in me comes out. Here is the first guy that did a testimonial…

Every single one of the testimonials are from Fiverr actors. This guy even uses his part to promote his gigs on Fiverr.

Then the next guy…

Once again, he uses his part in the video to promote his services on Fiverr.

The picture on Fiverr was probably taken during the shooting of her testimonial. She is rocking the exact same outfit.

Then there’s this guy too…

Their Cliché Claims

There is a checklist of things you would find in a typical video promoting a scam program:

  • Outrageous claims of what you could earn : Most programs try to keep it modest by saying you could earn $100, $500 per day or for the ones that want to push it, $1000 per day. The Plenitude Formula skips these figures to $70,000 per day. LOL.
  • A fake call to action : Plenitude Formula says you will be one of only 15 beta testers. This is a good example of a fake call to action. The program might have been available for years at the time you are reading this, so are you trying to tell me they have not gotten 15 beta testers all this while?
  • The video will be deleted after 250 views : Yeah, sure it will. The guy in the video claims to have hundreds of students earning six figures a day and somehow the video still does not have up to 250 views. Give me a break for goodness sake!
  • The usual suspects : I have been reviewing programs for a minute now and one way I can tell from the beginning that a program offers little or no value is when they are showing off mansions, expensive cars, fancy vacation spots and unsubstantiated income statements. They do not have any valuable information to give you, so they remind you of what riches look like.

Binary Options Trading

Binary options trading in itself is not a scam. However, these systems that claim to have the magical software that will make you rich overnight are scams.

There are only two outcomes in options trading: Win or lose. Hence the term “binary”.

This is somewhat similar to gambling. You put your money on a prediction on whether the price of an asset is going to rise or fall within a short space of time.

If your prediction is right, you could get maybe 70% profits on the money you put on the prediction. If your prediction is wrong, you lose 100%. You can see that you have a lot more to lose than you have to gain.

What these scams offer you is Binary Options Software. The software is supposed to make this prediction for you, but the burden fully lies with you if the prediction is wrong. Some options software are better than others but no software is anywhere close to 100% accurate with their predictions because there are a lot of unknown future variables that play a part in asset prices. Variables like political climate, natural disasters and economic shocks.

The Cost of Plenitude Formula

They let you into the program for free, but you need to make a minimum investment of $250 to use the broker’s system.

The broker is independent from Plenitude Formula and when you put money in the broker’s account, Plenitude Formula gets a commission.

The other cost of joining Plenitude Formula is your peace of mind and your phone’s battery. This is called “the opportunity cost”. One thing they ask for when you are signing up is your phone number. You do NOT want to give them your phone number. The consequences of giving them your number will not go away easily, I’m telling you from experience. You will get calls from numerous agents affiliated to the broker trying to get you to make the minimum investment and if you do, they will keep bugging you to increase your investment.

I stupidly filled in my number once to write a review and after a few months, I managed to compress the repercussions by downloading a call-blocking app.

How I Make Money Online

If you are still not convinced that Plenitude Formula is a scam after everything you have read in this review, then you need to push up your BS detector level up a notch. If you don’t bump it up, then I’m afraid this will not be the last program that will scam you. I just hope you don’t waste a fortune before you realize there is no quick way to become rich online.

I make money online through a system called Affiliate marketing. The gist of it is: you choose a niche centred around a passion or interest you already have and you give out information or/and review products related to this niche. When people make a purchase through your link, you get a commission.

In order to successfully implement this, you are going to need excellent training, great tools and readily available support to answer any questions you may have. My top recommendation provides all three and so much more.

Do you know the weird part? Just like this Plenitude Formula scam, it is FREE to sign up too. The difference is when you create a free account in my top recommendation, you will find out immediately that it is completely legit. There is no guru lying to you or any of that crap.

If you were eve thinking of investing $250 in a downright scam, you owe it to yourself to at least check out this proven and tested system that will teach you how to build a successful business online.

Closing Thoughts

Like I mentioned earlier, I am not a binary options expert. I saw enough red flags early enough to even bother to dig into the software itself. They are not targeting actual Binary Options traders anyway because those guys would spot this scam from 10 miles away. Their target is the group of people looking for an honest way to make money online and unfortunately for Plenitude Formula, that is the group this website was built to help.

If you are not skilled at binary options trading, you will want to stay away from it altogether. Options trading is not a game of big wins and small losses. It is in fact the other way around: you gain small and you could lose everything.

Make money online through a system that requires passion/interest rather than skill. I was completely clueless too when I started but I learned quickly and have been enjoying my success for years now.

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