Free Money Guaranteed is a Scam!! Unbiased Review!

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Guaranteed Money System Review, Guaranteed SCAM Steals Money!

February 28, 2020 by Patrick Jones

The Guaranteed Money System software by Angela Stevens is a blacklisted SCAM and our unbiased review and investigation will provide ample proof to validate our initial claims. This sleazy scam is the brainchild of morally dubious affiliate marketers that specialize in financial fraud. They understand how to trick and deceive innocent would-be traders and if we judge them according to the amounts and nature of complaints we received, they come across as very sneaky and successful and baiting potential customers. To add insult to injury, it seems this fake app and trading robot is a clone of a previous scam named Free Money Guaranteed, which is another version of the infamous Free Money System by Walter Green. After examining the facts, we will present our findings and evidence which will render this fake actress literally “exposed” (both body as well as devious mind). Rest assured, this is not an intricate scam, nonetheless it is extremely deceptive and misleading in ways previously unseen. If you are concerned about having your money stolen you should be, because that is the insidious nature of this malicious app. It was developed in order to take losing trades by design and fleece your wallet. Keep reading to see how we exposed this band of crooks and why the Guaranteed Money System is a dangerous investment scam.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

You were most likely informed of this opportunity through a SPAM email that read “see how this average man made millions by doing absolutely nothing!”. If that sounds all too familiar, you aren’t alone. Every single day, aggressive email marketers send thousands of emails to people who have previously been interested in making money online. In the future, please be advised that these are unsolicited emails and contain nothing but filthy lies. Many of them contain links that are not safe nor trusted (i.e. malware and spyware). Please do not click on these links anymore, unsubscribe immediately, and refrain from forwarding them to your friends.

Proof of SCAM
Below you will see exclusive and tangible proof of just how fraudulent, deceitful, and misleading this scheme really is. The image on the right is a live screenshot of Angela Stevens, the so-called “creator or the Guaranteed Money System”, and sitting next to her is Joshua Goldberg, her “Attorney”. Right next to it you will see the same “Goldberg” spewing lies and half-truths as the leading actor in an older and previously blacklisted scam named The Millionaire’s Club“. It’s plain to see this is the same individual only he is portraying different roles.

If you need more proof, here it is. No one can guarantee you “$5,000 in the next 24 hours”, much less so 1.3 Million in the next 30 days. This is an outrageous lie and complete fabrication. We are appalled by the sheer level of brazen audacity these crooks have to lie so boldly and shamelessly. This is what we refer to as an “old school” scam which means it’s very blunt and has all the makings of the classic get-rich-quick scheme such as inflated bank accounts, exaggerated and hyped up claims, and fake testimonials.

Guaranteed Money System Review
“Welcome to the world’s first guaranteed money system” – is the first claim made by the promiscuous actress in the promotional sales video. This is a familiar catchphrase in the industry so full of scams that rarely any good traders come out unscathed, with their money intact.

Here are a few of the other exaggerated claims given on the website.

Екілік опциялар брокерлерінің рейтингі 2020:
  1. You WILL earn a minimum of 1.3 million dollars each 30 days.
  2. This software has been operated for many years with a perfect success rate.
  3. A lawyer has provided a legal document that proves the owner will give you her personal money if you do not earn 1.3 million your first 30 days.
  4. Several beta testers claim they have also made millions of dollars with this trading system.

Let’s get straight to the point. The Guaranteed Money System is a carbon copy of a previous binary options scam, Free Money Guaranteed and Free Money System which are directly responsible for defrauding thousands of day traders. The original schemes made all of the same claims as we see above. I n fact they are so identical that they even used the exact same house and set for their video production. If you don’t believe us, take a look at the review we linked above for proof. In truth, these two scams are part of a larger affiliate network of binary scams that are supported and directed by people who work with unregulated and shady brokers. These piranhas are out for blood, your money. They will tell any lie and use any visual object they think will work to manipulate you into investing money with their losing trading robot.

To reiterate, every single aspect of Guaranteed Money System is a scam. The woman featured in the video is nothing but a paid actress. As you continue reading, keep in mind that these professional scam artists specializing in financial fraud and credit card theft. These people are not your friends, and will relentlessly pursue their objective which is getting you to signup and funding your trading account.

Is it Free?
Absolutely not! Access to this software will cost you at least $250, and that money will be charged to your credit card by one of their shady brokers which may or may not be regulated.

Who Is Angela Stevens?
The most damning evidence we uncovered about the Guaranteed Money System scam is that of the owner and operator. A liberal and “well-endowed” woman of suspicious motives tells us that her deceased father was a trading genius. H e created a massive empire from a simple binary options trading formula which he was able to input into a software system. This system made his family into multi-millionaires. When he died, his daughter (Angela Stevens) assumed the family business as her own. In the last year, she claims to have amassed over 62 million dollars from this trading formula.

But wait, this all sounds pretty good, right? There are a few glaring problems with this information.

First of all, Angela Stevens looks to be about mid 30’s. She claims that her father made millions of dollars off of binary options from before she was even born. This isn’t possible. Binary options trading is less than 15 years old, which means that Angela Stevens would only be a teenager if she were born into binary options wealth. Secondly, she also claims that her work has been featured in Bloomberg and CNBC news. This is a complete fabrication. No news organization has ever reported on the comings and goings of the Money Guaranteed System. In fact, this binary options auto trader was just released a few weeks ago.

This means it is not an old and reliable system but rather a brand new and certainly untested software! It is never advisable to trust an untested software with your hard earned money, especially where online trading is concerned.

The Guarantee
Angela Stevens can’t stop talking about how her trading system is guaranteed to make you at least a million dollars in your first month. She is so sure of this fact that she had her family lawyer drop by and write up a legal document. This legal document purports that you are entitled to a bank transfer of $500,000 directly from Angela Stevens to you. This money is yours if you fail to make the minimum of 1.3 million dollars in the next 30 days. Let’s take a closer look at this legal document. Is this the real deal? The document is supposedly written by the Goldberg Cohen Associates located in Miami, FL. No such attorney’s office exists in Miami, Florida, and we have already exposed the fake identity of this “so-called” lawyer. This is a clear and undeniable proof that this entire legal document if a forgery, complete with fake details and most of all.

Fake Promises
Rest assured. You will NOT make any money with this binary options auto trader, and you will certainly never see a dime from the likes of Angela Stevens. As you recall, we explained above that this woman is nothing but a cheap actress most likely picked up from the set of a sleazy adult film. She has nothing to offer you except what she seems so eager to show off.

Customer Reviews
Over the past week, we have been bombarded with numerous complaints from our members and subscribers that lost their money. None of them were able to contact the customer support, much less take part in that “guarantee” from Angela Stevens. Please note. Not one shred of verifiable data was given to prove that this auto trader works. Even worse, instead of proof, we are fed lie after lie.

Fake Reviews
If you see an endorsement of this fake app and auto-trader from a so called “honest” review site make sure to move on. It’s not a secret these bloggers accept bribes in the form of affiliate commissions to write favorable reviews.

Trending Viral SCAMS to Avoid
The ones with the most complaints are Quantum Code and Orion Code.

Signals Versus Trading Robots
We understand it can be tough to select the best possible signals or auto-traders. It’s for this reason we have done all the research, so now you don’t have to.

Review Summary and Conclusions
The Guaranteed Money System software by Angela Stevens is a SCAM, and we had not choice but to blacklist it in our factual-based review. Don’t be deceived or mislead for a second, these hyenas are out to steal your money and will spare no expense until they have bled you dry. There is nothing legit or genuine about this fake app and trading robot, and we are warning all our members and subscribers to refrain from joining this program or funding trading accounts under false pretenses. This is a rehashed scam gone viral, and in most cases you will be illegally solicited to join via SPAM emails or annoying popups. If you do so, your wallet will be fleeced with no way to get a refund or remedy your situation. In light of all of this damning evidence and proof our staff was able to produce, we are advising our members and subscribers to seek alternative means of investing. As always, feel free to join our Facebook Page and YouTube channel to get informed.

7 Binary Options

Binary option is fast becoming the most popular method of financial trading. And with it, comes the introduction of new trading software. There are literally dozens of trading systems from which to choose, so how do you know which ones can be trusted?

Free Money Guarantee, as insinuated by its very name, claims that traders can earn huge profits essentially for free. Is this true? Can you earn money with little to no investment? Or is this simply another scam? For more details, check out our Free Money Guaranteed review.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 88%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations

  • Free Money Guaranteed software is 100% automated
  • Extremely user-friendly and professionally designed website that is geared towards those new to binary options trading
  • Inability to choose your own broker
  • No licensing or company information provided
  • Inferior customer service and technical support
  • Lack of sufficient proof that the software is reliable and profitable

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable Service

What Is Free Money Guaranteed?

Free Money Guaranteed, created by one Bobby Anderson, claims that in just 30 days you could earn half a million dollars simply from using this automated trading system. Is he for real? Can he be trusted?

First of all, No trading software, no matter how good it is, can earn that amount of money in such a short time, unless you are willing to invest thousands upon thousands of dollars.

But it gets worse; Anderson promises that if you do not make half a million in 30 days, he will personally grant you 100 grand of his own money. Really, who is he trying to fool? We tried to find background information on Bobby, or Robert, Anderson and came up with nothing. He does not exist in the world of binary options trading, nor could we find any company information on Free Money Guaranteed. They do not appear to be regulated by CySEC or any other regulatory system as well.

How Does It Work?

To start trading with Free Money Guaranteed software, you must sign up with one of their associated brokers and then deposit an initial $250 into your trading account. This balance can then be applied to trading. The system is fully automated so it is able to place trades for you, once you chose your desired settings. However, we discovered that their withdrawal process is not reliable and many traders had complaints that they were either unable to withdraw their funds or that their starting deposit disappeared without a trace and they were unable to inquire as to what happened to their funds. For this reason, we do not trust Free Money Guaranteed as a reliable trading system.

Conclusion: Is Free Money Guaranteed a Scam?

We cannot say with one percent certainty at this time that this system is a bona fide scam, but we do not trust Bobby Anderson or Free Money Guaranteed trading software. There have been way too many customer complaints and no proof of actual positive results on behalf of this system. We highly recommend that you choose to trade with a system that has in fact been proven reliable and has a record of success.

Free Money Guaranteed Scam Review

Free Money Guaranteed Scam Review. We recently concluded our investigation into the alleged Free Money Guaranteed software. As a result of our investigation we are now officially declaring that Free Money Guaranteed is scam and a dangerous investment which will result in a complete loss of your investment within a few days time. This scam has also been directly linked to an older scam that went viral a few months ago and is currently still wreaking havoc on new traders in the binary options community. Please read this review through to the end as we will expose these devious marketing ploys.

Free Money Guaranteed

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DESCRIPTION: As a result of our investigation we are now officially declaring that Free Money Guaranteed is scam and a dangerous investment which will result in a complete loss of your investment within a few days time…


What is Free Money Guaranteed by Robert Anderson

Free Money Guaranteed is a “done for you” auto trading software that places trades on your behalf based on market conditions. The claim with this particular software is that it will make you $526,000 a month. This is not a reasonable or realistic gain in any world, this world or the next! This is outright outrageous you should toss this notion out with the rest of the trash included in this promotional video. Robert Anderson and his wife spend 90% of their video showing off their lavish lifestyle and planting an unattainable idea in your head of riches and giving up your day job. If such a thing is possible it won’t be done by investing in the Free Money Guaranteed software.

Robert Anderson is not a real person. We did an investigation into trading history and found absolutely nothing. He has no real identity, he’s not listed on any list of the rich and famous, even though he claims to be a multi millionaire. These things are not hidden. Due to tax records and such, it’s actually pretty easy to find lists of multi millionaires in America, and Robert Anderson isn’t one of them. He has no identity outside of this shady video!

Free Money Guaranteed and the Scam Connection

As we mentioned above, Free Money Guaranteed is a remake of the Millionaire Blueprint by Walter Green. Both scams claim to be the world’s only “done for you money system”. Robert Anderson wants us to believe that he will freely give $100,000 into the bank account of any trader who fails to make at least $500,000 a month with this system. He even goes as far as to say that his promise is verified and regulated by a government body. He ends it there without any explanation of what exactly he means by “verified” and “regulated”. He gives no explanation because there is none. There is no government body that verifies this type of claim. Because the Free Money Guarantee isn’t a regulated banking institution, they can say virtually anything that pops into their brain without consequences. This is what seems to take so many traders by surprise. The binary options industry is essentially a pioneers playground. It hasn’t been around long enough to start attracting the attention of government regulated bodies, especially in countries like America, where most of these videos and offers are produced.

Proof of Scam: The important points!

1 – Free Money Guarantee scam offers something we at binaryscamwatchmonitor call an outright lie. Always remember, there is no such a thing as a “guarantee” in binary options. Actually there is one. The only guarantee in this industry is that there are no guarantees! Expect the unexpected and make sure to never invest what you can’t afford to lose, because if you continue in this industry you are pretty much guaranteed to lose some or all of your investment.

2 – At the bottom of the page is a countdown widget that informs us there are 10 spots left! After an hour on their page, the widget now reads that there is only 1 spot left. If we refresh the page, the number jumps back up to 10. This is completely bogus. Binary options auto traders make money by getting as many people to sign up as they can possibly squeeze in. There are no “slots” to fill, because they have an unlimited capacity. This offer will still be available 3 months from now. They will somehow magically manage to always have 10 spots open. This is a sure fire sign of a scam.

3 – Robert Anderson is a fake person with no real identity. His promise of a cash back offer to traders that fail to make money is baseless and has no verified status, even though he claims otherwise. He simply posted a photoshopped copy of a “promise” that has as much worth as a piece of garbage. We encourage anyone who doesn’t get their “cash back” to approach the police and demand they enforce this piece of papers and they will smile condescendingly and pat you on the back. If you are the kind of person that believes this crap, you probably think the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park were real. Staying as far away from this scam is the best thing you will do all day!

4 – It’s all free! Robert Anderson spends an exorbitant amount of time trying to convince us that what he is offering is free. He’s talking out of both sides of his mouth. The software is free, but you will need to place $250 into a broker account in order to activate his software. That money is what pays his bills. After the broker gets your information, your phone will not stop ringing. You’d better pray you have the option to block phone numbers on your phone, because you’ll be needing it after these seedy brokers get ahold of your information!

5 – Actor testimonials are all faked! The testimonials provided by three beta testers have all been faked. None of these people are real traders and all of them have been featured in other scams we’ve exposed here at binaryscamwatchmonitor. Don’t believe a word out of these liars mouths!

Safe Alternative to Free Money Guarantee?

Thankfully, this review is not all glum and gloom. There are safe alternatives to Free Money Guarantee. Our favorite legitimate system is Social Trading with Tradeo, that has made us a great deal of money over the course of the past year. We owe our success with online trading to Tradeo, because they restored our faith in an industry so fraught with scams. At the time we published this post, we are offering a special offer for Tradeo, so be sure to check that out! We are currently testing another great binary service that should be available later this month, so check back to see when we release that review, it’s something we know will help a great deal of people. AND it’s HERE! Check out the newly released NEO2 Software review and to see our unique and special offer!

Conclusion: Free Money Guarantee is a SCAM!

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