First Class Profits is a SCAM!

Екілік опциялар брокерлерінің рейтингі 2020:

First Class Profits Scam Review

Got some complaints so decided to review First Class Profits, and guess what? It’s another scam, this time it’s not very elaborate. You have some guy named Mike Taylor talking about how he created a system that makes him on average $3,000 a day.

I really thought about doing a comprehensive check about this system because it potentially has all the makings of a solid trading tool. It provides real time statistics, charting, and it even looks easy to handle and intuitive. However, they employed cheap actors from Fiverr and here’s all the proof you will ever need:

This actor goes by the name of Banjoman15, and is consistently hired to do fake testimonials. By the way, I’m really happy for him because he’s one of the only few honestly making a secondary income from binary options (even if it’s not 3K a day). I have to admit, these guys take extraordinary measures and spend significant amounts of money on programming and advertising, but they don’t take an extra minute to think about doing something that works and having real people give honest testimonials about how they were able to profit (even if it’s small amount) using the advertised software.

The point is that it can’t work, because that unlike a regulated exchange or Forex broker that utilizes a spread model, in order for the broker to profit the customer (that would be you) has to lose his money. This was very eloquently said to me by one of my followers and here’s what he had to say.

“Hi Patrick, thanks for your thorough review but i’m still not convinced that certain systems like are safe and sound because it has got to do with binary options take Rumelia Options for example. In my opinion binary options are noy real financial instruments such as stocks, commodities, futures, options (real), Forex,etc.

A binary option broker is a closed casino system, and it looks like very official because these brokers use the official quotations of the financial markets but are not connected to them in reality. So these brokers won’t allow you to make big profits in the long run because they would become bankrupt.

This is true as long as your profit has to come from the loss of other clients and maybe money from the broker itself. As I mentioned previously, it’s a closed system and the profits don’t come from the official financial markets.

In Forex for example if you choose a STP/ECN-broker, not a market-maker than your interests and the brokers interests are the same if you make profits than the broker make profits. If I’m wrong well I hope to hear it from you so that I can change my opinion and make good profits with binary options.

Екілік опциялар брокерлерінің рейтингі 2020:

Shocking news right? Well, let’s get a few facts straight. An STP or a Straight Through Processing broker will route some or all of the orders (contracts) directly to the market based on market rates and make his profits based on the margins. An ECN or an Electronic Communications Network allows you to see the actual prices displayed and the order according to the market rate. You trade with other traders and/or financial institutions but not against your broker .

Despite everything that has been said and done here, I know some of you are still looking for various systems that will make you money. Believe it or not a few exist, but they are usually reserved for what I call “friends and family” because if everyone has access to it the brokers will go bankrupt.

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Review on the First Class Profits App SCAM!

This is an important update concerning the First Class Profits Scam. Although its not scheduled for public release for another few short days, mass emails will surely be spammed inviting traders with their First Class Profits reviews and we want to ensure many people understand the dangers in registering with First Class Profits App. Throughout our investigation of we encountered many alarming features which proves this trading software to be full of hype, fabricated reviews, phony profiles and lies. The following is our First Class Profits review where we outline in detail the shady characteristics hidden beneath their software.

In reality, First Class Profits auto-trading system has nothing to offer for its potential traders or the binary industry itself. Unless you’re searching for a method to throw money away, we suggest you stay clear from the First Class Profits Software. Mike Taylor happily explains he will “personally” wire you $25,000 if fails to meet your expectations, in addition will also give you $15,000 from his personal bank account if you register quickly with his faulty application! Do Not Fall For It! This deceitful yet desperate approach may result in persuading newcomers into regrettably depositing funds with a worthless system.

First Class Profits App Review: YT Video revealing scamming evidence :

Let us examine the evidence and allow the facts to speak for themselves in revealing the manipulating measures found in the First Class Profits Scam. For starters, you will not find any authentic evaluations from genuine First Class Profits App members. All the testimonials performed were productions from Fiverr actors who are commonly spotted endorsing all manners of scamming solutions. For a small fee of $5, these performers will advocate the use of worthless binary scams with a scripted appearance of successful experiences. As you check out their profiles, ask yourself why the developers of First Class profits Software find it necessary to mislead traders with falsified identities if their auto-trader is remotely successful.

Still not convinced? If you scroll down the webpage, you will find an area designated for “live” Twitter and Facebook feeds filled with binary traders publicizing their positive experiences with the First Class Profits App. In our posted YouTube video review, we proved the real identities of the acting profiles of misleading testimonies. By taking some time to investigate, the crooked developers of First Class Profits Software did pay much attention within the specifics and appearance of their misleading platform. The same photos found with one name on their Twitter feeds can also be found with another name on their FB feeds. Theirs a saying which goes: “the devil is in the details”. As we acknowledge these damaging mistakes, we hope our followers will understand to stay clear from the First Class Profits Scam.

FirstClassProfits SCAM Evidence:

**We haven’t forgotten this beautiful woman’s photo which is also spotted on the Profit Stackers Scam**

↓ “member review” – identical photo – different name – NICE TRY↓

Dont be fooled by the multitude of First Class Profits reviews from websites and blogs encouraging traders to invest with this trading application. The term “invest” means to expend money with expectations of achieving a profit margin. Don’t allow yourself to become tempted with even complaining about the First Class Profits Software’s poor performance in hopes to receive Mike Taylor’s “generous” offer of $25,000. Rest assured there is no chance in achieving any positive outcome from this trading program and to register with them would be foolish. Thank you for taking time to read Prestige Binary Options First Class Profits Review.

***New Update: If you want to learn more about a new trading software by a real company that has been tested and proven, read our VirtNext Review

A friendly reminder, open a Free Demo Broker Account when testing a new auto-trading system before trading with real money. Happy Trading!

First Class Profits is a Scam! Avoid it or Regret later

First Class Profits is a Scam! Avoid it or Regret later

Are you wondering that you might be caught up in a software scam?

Do you need a refuge?

Do you want to pinpoint all the software scam so that you can save your money?

Are you not prepared for taking risks?

It is time to fight the battle of scams with an organized strategy. The strategy to identify all those systems that are planted to snatch your hard earned money from you. Well, the newest happening scam is First Class Profits.

Unlike its name this system will not let you make a dime. This software review will give the facts and the true insight so that you can make your decision with an open mind. Mike Taylor is the person behind First Class Profits, and he has put up this latest scam.

First Class Profits displaying a Robotic and boring sales video

First Class Profits sales video does not have a new concept at all and does not offer anything new to the trader. It starts with the fact that the trader can earn a lot of profits, but that is an old concept, and this is something that is claimed by all the auto trading systems available today.

The tactics are the same, and the maker could not come up with anything innovative. The video says that there are only 38 spots lefts so the trader should make it a point to grasp this system at the earliest.

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video says that First Class Profits is not going to make the trader a millionaire in about 24 hours, but yes it does help make huge profits. Now this all seems so familiar. The word, the style, and presentation of the video is exactly as that of a scam.

To further entice the traders the video says that if the investor is not able to generate about $10,000 with this system, then, in that case, the trader is going to be paid about $25,000. If the trader has to identify a potential software scam, then the sales video is the best clue in this regard.

Beta tester’s opinion of no use to the traders

Now the sales video of First Class Profits includes the testimonials of beta testers. However, their opinion is not credible because when the video is going to show many familiar faces that you might have seen with different trading systems, you will lose your trust in the system. Usually, these people are paid for giving these testimonials, and so the truth can never be expected from them.

Autopilot can never be 100 percent accurate

The perception of autopilot has truly been over exaggerated by automated systems like First Class Profits. The truth is that the autopilot systems do not hold any worth at all because they are just deceiving the traders. Any experienced trader is going to reject the idea of autopilot right away because it never serves the purpose and get the results needed. Trading is something that takes years of hard work and practice. Investors need to understand this fact.

First Class Profits NIL facts

The sales video is full of testimonials, but potentially there is no knowledge about the algorithm that is used in the system. This software scam hides everything. You will just get a clue about the broker from the sales video, and the video shows an OptionMaker snapshot. Just calling a system as automated is not enough to choose it, so that is not going to be the right move.

It is essential that a proper sales video should discuss the payment and withdrawal details, but this system keeps the trader in the dark. It is important to mention these aspects in the software review so that the trader can make his decision with an open mind and does not let his money go waste. Any wise trader is not going to take the next step with this platform without knowing the essential details that have been missed out in the sales video.

Live minute by minutes feeds does not serve the purpose

The First Class Profits website has comments from Facebook users about the system, but are the comments is the big question? The reason is that there is no way to follow those users. The comments are just snapshots. This is utter misguidance. The trader needs verifiable proof, but this element is missing, so there is simply no use of opting for First Class Profits. All these are prime indicators of a scam.

Free download offered by First Class Profits is baseless

Most traders might get enticed by the fact that First Class Profits download is free. What people need to understand is that a free download is not enough to understand the credibility of the system and above all when the user has to activate the system then a deposit needs to be made.

Is there a need for perks?

First Class Profits offers $500 for sign up. The question is what is the need to allure the traders? If the system is genuine, then these incentives are not required at all. The system should lure the traders through its features that is going to be something much more professional and exciting as well. Another question is the trader going to get the bonus in real? There are chances that it is just another marketing gimmick. All these things do need some thinking.

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Why 1 to 1 support offered by First Class Profits is only available after sign up?

The First Class Profits claims to offer one to one support. The better approach was to facilitate the live support when the trader visits the website. A trader should be allowed to ask all the questions that cross his mind before a sign-up. This way a trader can choose the system with a clear bent of mind, and this is a great precautionary measure against a scam.

The website lacks an organized structure and planning

It is essential to mention that the website of First Class Profits lacks planning. For example, it is mentioned on the website that First Class Profits offers Pro training by professional trainers.

The better idea was to make a short video clip of such training so that the user gets a basic perception of the system. Another smart idea was to include a demo display on the website. This way the trader will not have to go through the agony of a sign-up. A quick demo could have been far more convincing then the sales video.

First Class Profits needs a lot to be desired. This system lacks the convincing element and misses out on the out of the box approach to market the product. The first impression of the sales video and the website is that oh it is just another scam.

The maker of this system has not worked in this area. His sales video does not reveal the strategy for trading. The conclusion is that all new and seasoned traders should avoid First Class Profits for sure. Otherwise, the trader should get ready to suffer from the scam. Try to pick from our collection of the best auto binary trading softwares that may help you to be prevented from such scammers and give you the awesome binary trading experience.

This is a vital decision that a trader needs to take. It is better to work on improving the manual trading skills then to suffer because of an automated system. Do not squander your money and shun First Class Profits. This seems to be the most reasonable decision when facing a scam.

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