Drexel Code is a Terrible SCAM!!! Review Facts!

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Drexel Code Review

Post Updated: 14/04/2020 By Andrew 2 Comments

Welcome to the Drexel Code Review by the Make Money Online Zone. At the moment after doing a bit of research into this system online there appears to be a real lack of facts about the Drexel Code. If you are in any way tempted to invest your hard earned money into this system, please read my review first before getting involved as there are some plenty of risks involved and several things that you should definitely be aware of.

First of all let me begin by saying that I have had several years of experience in dealing with these systems. I know people that have make a full time living from trading online and I have spoken with countless people that have been scammed by automated binary software. The Drexel code makes no secret of the fact that it is a binary trading platform designed to “auto trade” on your behalf.

The Drexel Code Review – Big Claims

There are high risks for all traders that invest within binary options, the most successful traders are experts within their professions and spend most of their time monitoring charts and graphs for changes and patterns within stocks, currencies and commodities. Ask any expert trading, even those that do it for a living and they will tell you that they lose on a regular basis. Trading binary options and winning 100% of the time is impossible, but yet this is the first claim that the Drexel Code claims. Quite a big claim!

The Drexel Code Review – The Website

On entering the Drexel Code website we are filled full of confidence and made to think that this product is the real deal as we see the Drexel Code logo plastered everywhere! The flash car with the Drexel number plate, the logo on the front of the building, even the cups inside the office have the Drexel Code logo! This is not one of the cheap and nasty video’s that we normally see promoting this kind of thing, and for good reason. These guys want and need you to believe that this system is real, however I can confirm that there are more than one scam that are attached to the Drexel Code.

The Drexel Code Review – Big Budget Bad Actors!

The people that are responsible for creating the sales video for this system have done a pretty decent job in comparison to many that we have seen. However, most of the acting within the video is pretty bad. The group known as the “brew crew” get my special award for being the worst actors, but to be fair Mr. Drexel himself isn’t great!

I’m really sad to say that I know some people have already started buying into this system and yes I can confirm that it is just another scam. But let me guide you through the full process of what is going to happen here, should you get involved.

Two versions of the Drexel Code? A Double Scam?

Before I tell you about the “official” Drexel Code I must first warn you that there is also a fake version of the Drexel code out there on the market too. Neither version will make you any money but I feel that I must warn you about it. What surprises me is the fact that it appears that Google have relaxed their advertising rules so much that they have allowed this website through. Not only is there a fake version of a system that is already scamming people but the place where you will find it is right above of the organic search results, within the paid advertising space on Google.

Екілік опциялар брокерлерінің рейтингі 2020:

Take a look at the circled Google ad here. It’s not the real Drexel Code, it’s a fake. In fact this is basically just a link to another binary brokers where you are asked to deposit money. We tried it and the Google ad linked to an extremely poor landing page that simply asked to for your details and then to deposit money. I really don’t know how Google let this one slip through!

The other ads here of course say that the Drexel Code is the real deal! But of course they would do when they are paying over a dollar per click!

So let’s go back to the official version of the Drexel Code. If you get past the slightly poor acting and your longing to make money online is so great that you decide to give this a try, then no doubt the first thing that you would do is read the small print, right? Ok, perhaps that’s a little too much to ask when there is a countdown at the bottom of the page, counting down the amount of spaces left for “beta testers”. But in reality, the small print is partly the reason that these guys get away with this scam. Let’s take a look at what you are agreeing to when you sign up with the Drexel Code…

The Drexel Code Review – What have I agreed to?

Take a look at the 2 statements taken from the Drexel Code website.

Understand that in this first statement “hypothetical or simulated results” means that they are made up. Everything within the sales video for the Drexel Code is made up and this statement helps them to get away with it. Notice also that it clearly tells you that no trades have been executed in the results shown. In other words, the examples shown are fake. And then finally we read that no account is likely to achieve profit similar to those shown in the sales video! Lets look at the second statement…

In the second statement you are told not only that your personal details will be collected, but that they will also be shared with third parties. Why is this important? Well this is actually part of the big scam and this is where these guys will make the majority of their money.

The Drexel Code Scam

The Drexel Code Scam works in the same way that many of these systems have done. The software is fake and is simply an app that interacts with a binary broker. The guys that created this scam are affiliated to the binary broker and so make commission when you pay money into your account. Since binary trading is very much like gambling, there are no money back guarantees either! Once you pay your money, it’s over! The software if placed on “auto trade” as you are recommended to do, will trade a minimum of $25 per transaction until your initial deposit of $250 has all gone. 10 trades is all it takes to see your hard earned money disappear.

And the reason why these guys want to let you know that your details will be passed on is because on joining your details were passed to the binary broker, who will then try to upsell you and offer you further offers to take more money from you. If you get a call from a binary trading company you should be on your guard as these companies are renowned for offering high cost services that will drain your bank account. You have been warned!

Want A Real Way To Make Money Online?

If this review has helped you and if you are looking for a genuine way to make money online, then please take a look at our recommended product. Our recommendation will cost you nothing to take a look at and it’s free to start learning the technique that we recommend. Plus you get free support and guidance from me directly. Follow our link for more information and to join Wealthy Affiliate. Not heard of it before? See our Wealthy Affiliate review here.

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Great information–thank you for looking into this and sharing. There are so many “opportunities” out there and it is hard to know what makes sense to pursue. I appreciate when people take the time to do so so that I don’t have to waste my time or money if it is a scam or just not an opportunity for me.

There are a lot of so called opportunities out there and a lot of people that are looking to make fast money. It’s a really dangerous combination because a lot of the time people are blinded by the possibility of making lots of money very quickly, when in actual fact the creators of the system have the same goals. These scams are all over the internet and they are making a fortune. Trouble is, it really doesn’t seem to be slowing down either!

Drexel Code Scam Review Update, Traders Can’t Withdraw Money

Binary Scam Alerts is Updating its Drexel Code SCAM Review in light of new evidence and complaints that is pouring in. This software, App and Autotrader as well as Cory Drexel the con-artist Grandfather CEO, is a sham and a masquerade of lies designed to cheat, deceive, and victimize innocent day traders. We are getting a deluge of complaints from customers who have invested sizable amounts of money through this APP, but are not able to withdraw their winnings. This is considered to be the cardinal sin in binary options, and when we gather enough evidence against these shady brokers we will expose them in a ruthless fashion as we have a zero tolerance level for this kind of criminal behavior. Cheaters be warned, you are playing with fire!

Official Scam Site: http://drexelcode.com/

Drexel Code Review Recap
This sub-standard system employs a variety of techniques designed to trick and create a misrepresentation of facts in order to convince customers to register and fund trading accounts. We have previously mentioned that the use of advanced technological tools such as Java Script Widgets and a fabricated “proof of scam” section is utilized in a very effective way and creates a false environment of trustworthiness. Don’t believe the fake reviews, there is nothing genuine, honest, or sincere behind the intentions of the people who try to market this phony app and get paid on the back end. Additionally, I would not venture to try any form of trading strategy such as momentum or technical trading (either in short or long term contracts) as these will not help you achieve an ITM ratio of

90% or close to it. In fact, this software intentionally takes inferior positions with the malicious intent of stealing your money. If you if you have already invested your best bet to salvage yourself from this disheartening debacle is to recognize that you have been scammed and rescue whatever remains of your initial investment if you can.

Continued Complaints
“Cheaters, thieves, daylight robbery, scandalous, pirates, and evil spirits” are just a sample of the adjectives used to describe the experience customers have had with this trash code. There was only so much negativity our researchers could absorb before it started effecting their state of mental health, so we actually used the assistance of a clinical psychologist to help us get through the day.

Scam Broker Tactics
We have written extensively about these tactics previously and “Bonuses Credited on Wins to Avoid Cashing Out” is apparently the one which is most popular in this case. We are beginning to see a pattern of complaints and all of them are pointing towards this direction. As we progress the evidence will be gathered in the most compelling and convincing way.

Similar Scams
These include but are not restricted to the Binary App 810, TrianaSoft, the Amissio Formula, Tauribot, Citidel, Push Money App, Centument, Virtual Income, Insured Profits with Dave and Ginny, Sydney System, Centument, TSI System Scam, My First Online Payday, Binary Matrix Pro, The Free Money System with Walter Green, Trade X Confidential, Limitless Profits, Millionaire’s Blueprint, and Trade Tracker Pro.

Signals, Autotraders, Trade Copiers, and Bots
It goes without saying that this is not the only system offering you instant wealth at the click of a mouse. Binary Scam Alerts is endorsing the Binary Profit Method as a our preferred signals tool. If you are looking for an Autotrader make sure to look at our automated trading section.

Verdict, Final Review and Conclusions
We were astonished by the amount and severity of complaints our staff received in regards to the Drexel Code Autotrader App and Software SCAM as well as Cory Drexel. The whole premise of binary options trading is to actually allow your customers to cash out winnings. If you (the broker) violate this sacred principle then the price you will pay will cost you dearly and eventually you will end up closing your business. We turn to all brokers and offer them an olive branch or machete and implore them to remain committed to their obligations and pay their customers in a prompt and timely fashion. As always, you are invited to join our Facebook group and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Drexel Code – 100% Win System Or Dirty Scam?

The Drexel Code scam system has recently showed up in inboxes and you need to see what we’ve uncovered! We’re going to take a good look at it in this post and make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. The video production is especially well done for this Drexel Code scam system, and there are a number of things that you need to take a good look at before you sign up. If, after you have read our Drexel Code review and you are still convinced that this system will work for you, then you can simply follow the sign-up link to their website below, and know that you’re still covered by our “ETS Satisfaction Guarantee“.

Unlike fraud sites that don’t disclose this, we need to explain something. Regardless of which link or website you make use of to register for this service, someone might get a compensation fee. That includes web links on this site. Our sign up links can be relied on, due to the fact that they are secured by SSL HTTPS protection, so you can be sure of the origin.

Offical website: DrexelCode.com

Drexel Code Review Summary

Annoying Browser Pop-Ups: Yes
Fake Scarcity Counter: Yes
Fake Testimonials: Yes
Impossible Revenue Gains: Yes
Comes Across As Authentic: No
Convincing Proof of Profits: No
Possibility of Being a Rip-off: 97%
Price: Free. Have to sign up with one of their brokers.
Auto-trading: Yes, full auto-trading
Available In: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States

What is The Drexel Code Scam Software?

If you’re not familiar with binary options trading, let me take a minute to quickly explain the basic principle behind how the Drexel Code scam software works. When trading Binary Options you merely have to decide if the price of an asset (for example a Forex pair or stock) will increase or drop from the present price, compared to a specified time span. Binary options brokers offer traders the potential to trade several types of binary options, including things like indices, commodities, stocks, and Forex.

With binary options, you also do not need to worry about where to place your stop-loss, because market movement which happen prior to the expiration of the trade has no consequence on the outcome. This is also true for how the Drexel Code scam software works. This suggests that regardless of whether the market surges up or drops down it makes no difference as long as the market ends either above or lower based on if you selected a CALL or PUT trade.

With the Drexel Code scam, the extraordinary claim they’re making is that they are able to get only winning trades, and that they haven’t had a single loss in the last 3 years.

The apparent owner, Cory Drexel, mentions that their software has not had a losing trade in 3 years, and they keep on repeating it, so they are very clear about it. The problem is that there is no system, team or algorithm that can perform like that. It’s simply not possible. Sure, maybe it’s possible to not have a losing day, because good trades can cancel out bad trades, but for them to claim that the Drexel Code scam has never had a losing trade in 3 years is insane, as in, they’re lying.

Trading fundamentally involves risk, and when risk is involved, people can easily become emotional. With trading, it is very easy to be tempted to respond to your own fear or greed. Although I personally prefer trading manually, or at least semi-manually, the good thing about using an auto-trader is that it removes most of your own emotion-laden responses. It still is possible for someone to over-trade and set a bot on the most risky settings, but at least most of the actual trading is handled by an algorithm, which is devoid of human interference.

The bad thing about relying on an auto-trading bot such as the Drexel Code scam, is that I simply do not believe that it can be trusted. At the end of the day, the results that the system produces is what matters, and with this system, I cannot say that I trust any part of it. If you disagree with me, maybe check yourself and make sure that it is not just the allure of the riches that is driving your decision making. Also remember that you should only risk money in trading that you can afford to lose.

Drexel Code Scam Rip-off Findings

Right underneath the space where they desperately want you to enter your email, you will see that it says “ONLY 2 BETA-TESTER SPOTS AVAILABLE GLOBALLY”. Of course this is a load of nonsense, because you can simply reload the page, and then magically spots become available again!

You will also notice that there are a number of “trust badges” right below that, such as McAfee, VeriSign, GeoTrust and Symantec, but none of the links on the Drexel Code scam software site can be clicked! It’s all just there for show. You’re welcome to click on our badges, and you’ll see that they are real, and our site also runs on HTTPS to protect you while surfing our pages.

We are told by Cory Drexel, or whatever his name is, that they have been making money for the previous 50 beta testers the last couple of years, and that we will soon be meeting some of them. The first problem with that is that the whole website, drexelcode.com was only registered a few days ago!

How is it possible that they could have done all of this, and made all this money, millions according to Cory Drexel, and yet they only registered the domain March 4, 2020? It’s not possible!

The additional problem with the claims made by the Drexel Code scam is that all of the beta testers that they introduce us to appear to only have made money this year, and that they only joined this year, but yet they previously said that their beta testers were working with them in previous years.

Pay attention when you view their video, and you will see that they all talk about their “first week” and their results are all from earlier this year. How is it possible if these people are part of the first beta group?

In addition to this, they make a very big thing about giving these fake beta testers these huge checks to hang up on their walls or something, and as you can see above, they claim that each and every one of those first 50 beta testers became millionaires. So how is it that all of them became millionaires, and yet all they talk about when they speak is the money they made in their first week. Don’t you think that if their software made you a millionaire in less than two months – if you go by their dates – that it would be vastly more important for you to mention than a couple of thousand?

There are many other issues, but I’ve seen enough, there is no doubt in my mind that the Drexel Code scam is not worth it. We have a number of other systems that we have also investigated, and that you should take a good look at. Just follow the “Current Best Systems” link to the left.

Drexel Code Scam Review Conclusion

If you’re a novice to trading Binary Options, you would benefit from first familiarizing yourself with how Binary Options work by signing up for a completely free demo account. TradeThunder is an excellent broker to start with, since they offer a completely free demo account! They also have very low starting balance requirements, so you could literally start trading Binary Options with as little as $20 in your account! Never trade with money that you cannot afford to lose.

Even if you mess up and pick a bad system, or pick a good system that simply doesn’t work for you, we’ve got you covered with our “ETS Satisfaction Guarantee”. To check it out, click on the badge below.

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Hi am Jamal from Grenada was looking at the reviews and just was wishing of the opportunity.

This Drexel Code software is a total scam for sure. It all sounds way too suspicious, and the 100% win rate is impossible! Thank you for exposing this scam!

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