Click Money is a SCAM!!!

Екілік опциялар брокерлерінің рейтингі 2020:

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Click Money System Review – It Is Not TrustWorthy! Find Out Why!

Click Money System is a new scam that has been claiming to help the traders in making a huge amount of money on daily basis. With claims so big, it wasn’t long until it caught a lot of attention from all around. Unfortunately, for the user, you will need to have a click money system invitation to join up as there were very limited amount of space. The claimed owners says that they have made over $16 Million in just 12 months, which sounds really insane. So, I took the courtesy of looking into the software and its authenticity.

And after my research, I found out that the Click Money System which is called the money making system is simply a scam. They offer you with huge money making claims to lure you in and make you invest with them. So, in this Click Money System review today I am going to talk all about the facts and proof that I found which proves that Click Money System is a scam.

Now if you were also thinking about investing with Click Money System then I suggest you go through our Click Money System review first before hurrying into any decision.

Екілік опциялар брокерлерінің рейтингі 2020:

All About Click Money System That You Need to Know!

Developed and founded by Julia & Harold who are from England, Click Money System has been claimed to make a huge amount of money in a very short period of time. The initial investment which requires a minimum of $250 is doubled into your account as soon as you invest. So, whatever amount you will be investing, it will be doubled and the profits will rise quickly with bigger investments.

Julia & Harold also claims that they started the account of a team of 4 people a month ago and they are already millionaires now. The highest amount you could see that have compounded after an investment is from $250 to $3 million in just a 1 year.

So are all these claims true? Will you be making millions and millions of money with Click Money System? NO! You won’t. Why? Well, let us get into an in-depth Click Money System review where I will tell you all about their scamming plans.

Proof That Click Money System Is A Scam:

There are quite a lot of proofs that can prove that Click Money System is a scam. Here I will list few of the most solid proofs that can prove that Click Money System is a scam, and also in the process, you will be able to witness few of the facts how you can even tell whether a binary options trading software is a scam or not.

About Julia & Harold:

The proud founders of Click money system scam, Julia & Harold claims to be from a really poor family. Harold being an engineer and having a minor in finance, whereas Julia has graduated with major in Economics. And in the end, they both worked together to build up the software and the company “Click Money System”.

Well, this could have been a great story if they weren’t some random actors. Yes that’s right, they are indeed the highest paid actors from who have excellent taste in acting. But for the fact that, though my research I tracked them down and found out that they are simply paid actors, this brings us to the conclusion that, all they said are scripted and can’t be trusted.

About the Click Money System Software & Firm:

Let’s talk about the headquarter of Click Money System first, it clearly was a huge setup to bring in the motive of showing how rich you can get. which wasn’t true of course as we have already witnessed the same house in yet another scam! And leaving that apart, when it comes to the software, it is clear that the software is not trusted worthy.

Well, in the whole official video (3rd part of a video, which is played after you sign up for their system), it was never be made clear on how the software actually works. This brings in the question whether the software really works or not. There is no binary options trading software that can make such huge amount of profits in such a short time. And making over $20,000 in a day is really impossible if you ask me.

As from my research, it was easy to find that, such a well performing claimed software never came to the spotlight even on news or social media. And not even through the Binary Options Trading market which proved that the software doesn’t even exist.

All the Claims Made by Click Money System:

The click money system has been claimed to work without any risk by returning your investment in a huge amount of profits. Also as the spots were limited, they sent out only a few invitation for those who can register with the software. And this is where things get a little fishy.

How did I get access into registering with the software? Through an invitation? Obviously NO! I simply went ahead and visited their site, the so claimed only invitation access is simply bogus. not just that, after you visit the site, you will have to register in quick as there is a timer that could ban your offer of signing up after the time runs out. Really? Not at all, because the timer never runs out. This trick is to make the visitor invest with the software as fast as possible, so they can’t look into the scam setup laid out by Click Money System scam.

The Money Making Clients:

The clients who claim to make millions with Click Money System are not real at all. They are hired actors from who are paid to join up in the video to make fool out of you. They act like they are the four first lucky clients who made over a Million in just a year.

But through the research, it was found that they are simply actors trying to make you believe all their lies and lure you into investing with Click Money system.

Click Money System Review Verdict – Avoid It!

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Final Verdict:

Click Money System is a scam, I suggest you avoid it at all cost. If you want to gain profit by investing in Binary Options Trading software, click Money system is not the one you should choose, as it will only leave you with regrets and loss. Stay away from Click Money System scam at all cost.

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About Sofy Raymond

I am Sofy Raymond, a binary option trader who had lost huge amount of money due to binary options scams. So, I decided to expose all those scam systems on my blog


David Brown says

Thank you Soft very much, you are brilliant!

Hi and thank you sofy , thank you so much ,, i was searching about the real of that site click money system ,, i found what i want here ,, as i suggest its scam ,, i recieve many emails from that site , but i didnt deal them , i know such these sites are scam , they cheat many people ,, so my advice is to search about any such sites before you fall down ,
thank you again

Steven Hoang says

Jeannine Jewell says

Thank you for posting this.I contacted the FBI and FTC as I had someone else put in their phone number and call that friend of mine also they now have a video with a Mike and Dennis same house etc.When I tolsd them they were a scam and I was reporting them they blocked my email but sent it to my friend as well as an instant phone call and email also the actress shown here was in the video.I am pursuing it with the Federal Agency as I have a sales and marketing background but now am in the legal field.If they were so rich they should give it to people. God Bless those who lost money and may they be locked up where they belong anyone who lost money should contact the FTC also do not get involved with Preston Ely as I noticed their emails come in back to back and he wanted to send nude pictures which then involved the FBI>Thank You for posting hope this helps others.

Thank You very much , for not making the
Biggest mistake thank you a again .

As a single mother whose lost everything to illness, thus ad popped up in my email. I felt the need to do something about my situation and hoped to finally get a homr and take care of my sons. Well i saw the invite and i prayed on it hoping this was the end of homeless. God answered and said ‘SEARCH’. So i typed in reviews for click money on google and found your post. Let me just say…YOU ARE HEAVEN SENT! GOD HAS DONE IT AGAIN! I want to thank you from the depth of my heart for this post. If i had not listened to GOD i would have lost again. But HE put you in the path and I AM GRATEFUL FOR YOUR POST! Please know that you saved my sons and I from going hungry tonight and noe I look forward to just continuing my faith in GOD!

I received an email from them and I took a look at it then instantly googled the company. This is how I came across your blog. We have already fell for a scam and had file bankruptcy. Thanks very much for doing the research and sharing the truth.

Thank you Sofy. Great post.

Yep…nice work ,Sofy . Actors will do ANYTHING….shameful..

Filo Siuleo says

I’ll appreciate your efforts thank you

Hi Sophy.
I too have been drawn into this scam, I have been in a vaunrable position for a long time now but especially in the last 6 months as my son had been going through an awful court case which also meant that we were feeling very emotional. The full details of the case involving my son are too much to air on here but believe me when I say it’s been traumatic.
I’m normally good at recognising a scam and find it difficult to trust anyone anymore but I fell for it.
The two people who are in the video seemed to be talking to me and they knew things about us that no one would have known personal information!.
I realised that they were actors but I thought they were acting on behalf of the real people to preserve their real identity’s. I stupidly gave in and I was redirected to sites in stocks and shares. Like in the video they wanted the $250 so I thought they were connected, I paid the $250 but ended up giving them and another company 3 x $250 that we don’t have. How stupid am I.
It all became so confusing because I have been getting so many emails and phone calls I didn’t even know who I was talking to anymore.
I’ve also had to send them pictures of my bank card, utilities bill and driver licence.
I trusted them.
I wanted the money because I had planned to help the homeless and the hungry also I had a dream to build the church up because of its decline here in the uk. I honestly thought it was from god but obviously it was an opposing force at work here.
I’m so gutted that I fell for this and now I have put myself and my family in a worse financial situation. ��
They also said in the video that they were Christians and that they wanted me to be a part of their plans.
I feel it’s very difficult to trust anyone in this fallen world now and it’s heart breaking.
I can’t believe that the actors even go along with this how do people like this even sleep at night?.
A word of warning to anyone slightly thinking about believing this scam PLEASE DONT.
Save yourself any more suffering!
God bless

Click Money System Review – Another Scam or Real App?!

Imagine waking up and seeing thousands of dollars in your account without moving a finger. It’s a dream many people have, but so few realize in the long-run. You want to be one of those few who manages to push through and see the results they covet.

Until this happens, you will always be lagging behind, and that’s not something you want to deal with.

Here is an in-depth review of Click Money System and what it brings to the table as a world-class binary options trading software for new and experienced traders.


  1. Detailed Algorithm For Trading Binary Options
  2. Automated For Easy Use
  3. Regular Updates To Signals For Risk-Free Trading
  4. 24/7 Customer Service
  5. Earn Thousands Of Dollars A Day
  6. Created By Professional Traders With Experience (Julia & Harold)

Ideal For Newbies

There is always a concern about newbies or beginners and what they’re getting out of the software. You don’t want to get stuck with a solution that doesn’t work or isn’t easy to use. With Click Money System, you are getting something that runs like a machine.

You can put it into high gear and set it to run for as long as you want.

What better way to earn money? You are never going to find something as easy as this and that does matter a lot to people. It is ideally created for newbies who want the best results and want it to remain as easy as possible at the same time.

Great Initial Reports For Users

The initial reports have been good from users who were given early access. They put the software through a rigorous test run ensuring it was good for the market and indeed it was. The software has been an overwhelming success among these early testers.

Their lives have been changed to the point their testimonials continue to race in urging others to join in on the fun.

These reports are not only a major positive but begin to illustrate the potential of the market as a whole. It’s possible to earn big with the right software, and these testimonials say it all.

Brilliant Results

Let’s look at the results for this review as that is pertinent. The earnings have been fantastic, and that is a must when you are looking to use a software such as this.

It’s not just about what others have said as listed above, but what this review has seen. It is possible to earn thousands of dollars using Click Money System and that is the best part about going down this path. It just works well.

It is easy to use, and the results keep coming in even as a person goes to bed. There’s nothing as simple as this.

Fantastic Founders

Jula and Harold are siblings and have been in the industry for years learning the nuances and getting equipped with enough knowledge to maximize their potential. They were able to build a robust algorithm that took all of this information they’d learned and used it to build something useful that had never been seen before.

Most people have not done this, and they’re the ones losing out.

The best part about Julia and Harold is they’re well-learned individuals who have gone to top schools and even built a software company that rose in fame and was bought out. What better way to get started than with those who have a proven background?

Simple To Use

The software itself is easy to use, and that is critical for people who are beginning in the world of trading. You don’t want to get lost with complex terms or hard to understand trades. This is the biggest fear for most, and you won’t have it with Click Money System, and that’s a major positive.

In fact, this might be the biggest positive of them all.

You want something that is easy to use so that you can get into the flow of things quickly, and this does it better than any other solution.

Free Download

The one risk people talk about involves downloading software and buying it without knowing what you’re getting on the other side. This is a real risk with so many scammers trying to woo people out of their hard-earned money.

To ensure you don’t have to worry about this, Julia & Harold made sure to make it a free download.

Just sign up through a simple application form online, and you are going to get access to the software as desired. It doesn’t get easier than this for those who are on the fence about whether they should go down this route or not.

Where else are you going to get a free download to software as powerful as this? Most would charge you an arm and a leg, while you are getting it for free here. This alone begins to demonstrate the approach being taken by the founders of Click Money System and what they hope to achieve by helping new traders.

Is it safe to use? This is a good question because you don’t want to give information to those who are unreliable or have not been doing this for years. The duo has been around for years and has a big following in the binary options trading market.

They are as safe as they come.

Plus, the brokers they’re dealing with are accredited institutions who have been around for years. This can help ease the nerves a person might have when they are diving head first into a situation such as this.

No Lagging

Lagging interfaces are one of those issues people get scared about because you don’t want to have trades fall through the crack because of a buggy software. Is that an issue with Click Money System? Not at all.

You will never have to fret about this.

They have made sure to go through the steps and keep the software as clean as possible. You will be able to race through and enjoy the nuances when you get started. They have made it an easy to read setup that doesn’t take long to get accustomed to as a new user.

Requires Deposit

The only thing that might deter you is an initial deposit to the broker. They set this so the automated system can run through trades and help you achieve positive results. You will need money for this even if the software itself is free.

You want to make sure this is understood before signing up.

It is a small deposit of $250 and is not going to get in the way of what you are doing as that money will be earned back in a hurry as desired. Why not tap into this and take advantage?


In the end, Click Money System is one of those excellent software solutions that comes together and provides a compelling look into the potential of trading. Why go through all of the hassles alone when you can maximize this software instead?

It takes all of the risks out of trading and leaves you with a robust algorithm to squeeze money from.

The fact they’ve made it automated ensures you will have a massive smile on your face at the end of each day. The trade signals are accurate, it runs well, and the team behind it are well-qualified. You will never find a solution such as this on the market again.

The positives are there for one and all to look through because they stand out and demonstrate the power of this solution. It is the the perfect binary options trading software.

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