Charity Profits is a SCAM!!

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Charity Profits App & My Profit Formula – Despicable Scam Software!

Charity Profits and My Profit Formula app by Megan Sanders are both the same system and about as low as you can get! As you know, we’re always on the lookout for great new binary options auto-traders that can potentially be added to our list of apps that perform well and are not out to clear your account as quickly as possible. If you have been searching for the same thing, than you might know already that this is no easy task. The Charity Profits / My Profit Formula app that claims to not only be able to make you a millionaire, but also help other people with charitable donations in the process, is unfortunately an utter scam auto trader of the worst kind. The whole Charity Profits / My Profit Formula software presentation is centered around tricking you to sign up. Read this full Charity Profits / My Profit Formula review to see exactly what we mean!

Unlike fraud websites that do not reveal this, we want to mention something. Irrespective of which link or website you make use of to register for this solution, someone may get a commission. That includes links on this site. Our subscribe links can be trusted, because they secured by SSL HTTPS security, so you can be sure of the starting point.

Why is Charity Profits / My Profit Formula a Scam?

Firstly, well done for taking the time and effort to first check up on the Charity Profits / My Profit Formula app to see if it is a system that can be trusted or not. Based on the feedback we’ve received, you are much more fortunate than a lot of other traders that already fell for this scam and handed over their well-earned money.

Megan Sanders was obviously chosen very specifically to supposedly show people that not just guys can become millionaires, women are also just as capable. That part we totally agree with, the problem is that Megan Sanders wants us to believe that her Charity Profits / My Profit Formula app will make everyone else millionaires as well.

We are told that Megan Sanders is both the owner and creator of the Charity Profits / My Profit Formula app, which is a fully auto-trading binary options system. She claims that this app will simply pump out winning trades one after the other without a single losing trade. Her skill-set in creating such an astounding piece of software comes from the fact that her background as a financial analyst at some or other really big bank in Europe has given her unique insights into making money trading.

I must admit, and I’m sure you agree, that it sounds very impressive. We are told that the Charity Profits / My Profit Formula app has made over $1.7 million in clean profits over just the last year. She tells us that the reason why she created the Charity Profits / My Profit Formula software is because she wanted to help people out of their daily struggles by donating money to charities.

Okay, so let’s just think about that for a minute, so she has supposedly spent all this money creating this app and perfecting it with the sole purpose of helping other people? Wow, that would be awesome if it really was true, but things start to fall apart the moment we start digging a little deeper in to what she is telling us about this system.

Екілік опциялар брокерлерінің рейтингі 2020:

She tells us that even if you are a complete beginner to trading, this Charity Profits / My Profit Formula app of hers will make you up to $4,000 per day. Unless you have done the math already, she then tells you that it means you will become a millionaire in as little as 10 months from now. To make all of that sound even better, she continues to tell us that if we don’t make money within the first 24 hours of signing up, she will personally pay you $5,000 out of her own pocket. C’mon, that’s just not going to happen folks!

My favorite quote is where she says that it is a “life changing fast money system” that goes to work on your behalf 24 hours each day, 7 days a week. But wait, aren’t the markets only open from Monday to Friday? Mmm… strange that she would slip up like that if she has so much experience as a trader.

My favorite quote is where she says that it is a “life changing fast money system” that goes to work on your behalf 24 hours each day, 7 days a week. But wait, aren’t the markets only open from Monday to Friday? Mmm… strange that she would slip up like that if she has so much experience as a trader.

In order to get this apparently amazing piece of Charity Profits / My Profit Formula software, all you need to do is to agree to donate 5% or more of your profits to a charity. What Megan Sanders gets out of the deal is warm and fuzzy feelings knowing that you’re making $4,000 each day and that charities are getting lots of donations. Awww…. isn’t that sweet? All of this would have been truly awesome if any of it was true.

Charity Profits / My Profit Formula App Scam Testimonials

So enough of all the crap, how can we know for sure that the Charity Profits / My Profit Formula app is a scam? Well, the reason why I’m so adamant about it is because there is some very solid evidence that the testimonials that are so convincing are all done by paid actors.

Now, let’s think about that for a minute. If this system is donating thousands upon thousands of dollars to charities all over the world and if it is making people millions, why would they need to hire actors for the testimonials? Don’t you think that there would at least be evidence of all of these donations? Of course there would be evidence, but we don’t see any of that on the Charity Profits / My Profit Formula software website.

You will notice that on the main page of our site traders have the option of donating $25 to a charity of their choice, and that gives you access to the biggest and most respected binary options trading groups. There is no other way to get access to the group, unless you sign up for Mike’s AutoTrader, in which case you also get free access to the trading group. For each of those $25 donations I have proof from the charity that the trader chose to donate to. The only reason we do not see the same type of proof with Charity Profits / My Profit Formula is because they do not have it.

So take a look at the image above, and then take a peek at the image below. Tell me what you see? Yup! You’ve got it, those are both screen captures of the same guy. At the top you see him telling us how much money he is making with this fake binary options auto-trader and below you can see his actor profile on Fiverr, where you can hire any actor for $5 to say anything you want! Even the pillow arrangement is the same!

Still not enough? How about this one?

Here’s the same guy, also on Fiverr and it looks like he’s even wearing the same shirt! This should make it abundantly clear that these testimonials are all made up.

False Charitable Company Claims

On top of all of this pretty damning evidence which proves that there is no way the Charity Profits / My Profit Formula app is legit, we also have the fact that we couldn’t find any evidence that Charity Profits / My Profit Formula or Megan Sanders even exist! Now, we know and acknowledge that sometimes the CEOs of companies are not the best people to put in front of a video camera, and therefore they sometimes hire actors to do that for them. For a lot of people it is far more daunting to talk to a camera than it is to talk in front of a room full of people, and even that scares the crap out of many folks out there. We get that, but if you then go out of your way to try and prove to us that you’re really the person in the video, and not just a spokesperson, then things change.

On top of that, if you go and use paid actors for all your testimonials, that becomes totally unacceptable. Especially when it seems that people should be more than happy to provide a testimonial of some sort about how the donations helped them, or how the software truly made a difference for them. All of this together just makes it abundantly clear that we’re dealing with a scam here.

Charity Profits / My Profit Formula App Review Conclusion

If you have never traded binary options before, it is in your own best interests to first familiarize yourself with how it works. The best way to do that is to dive right in with a free trading account and test things for yourself. You can easily do this by simply signing up for a totally free demo account. TradeThunder is an excellent broker to start with. They are not regulated, but they have a very reputable parent company, and not being regulated means that they are available in virtually all countries. They also have very low starting balance requirements, so you could literally start trading binary options with as little as $20 in your account! Never trade with money that you cannot afford to lose.

If it is still not clear enough, we do not recommend that you sign up for the Charity Profits / My Profit Formula app, it’s just not worth it! There are much better alternatives.

Also if you screw up and choose an awful system, or even choose a great system that just will not work for you, we’ve got you protected with our “ETS Satisfaction Guarantee“. In order to take a look, click on the badge listed below.

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Charity Profits App Review – Dirty SCAM Software!

Charity Profits App review exposes the truth about the Charity Profits App Scam

Update: This scam has been renamed and is now going by the name of My Profit Formula so be warned that Charity Profits App and the My Profit Formula App Scam are the exact same thing. The creators behind this scam have just changed the name as the original charity name is now tagged as a scam. If you hear anyone talking about either of these scam auto-traders please warn them that both are the same scam.

Charity Profits App is nothing more than a money stealing scheme camouflaging as a charity foundation. The fact that it is a lady presenting the app does not mean that it is genuine. Don’t believe anything from this alleged creator of the scam app. She highly talks of the good life you will have after signing in with the system. She barely explains how the software works. This makes her fishy and not to be trusted. Avoid her and remain safe with your hard earned money.

CEO: Megan Sanders
Official Site:

Results from Charity Profits App Review

Megan Sanders, the alleged CEO of this software says that the app comes for free. The only thing you need to do is deposit $250 and wait for your $4,000 at the end of the day. You don’t have to spend a dime in downloading the app but you are required to deposit the said amount. This sounds dubious and up to something. Megan is lying about the software being free; this is her trick to convince you to download it. Don’t dare. It will squander your money.

She has gone on to claim that you will be making $4,000 daily but you will have to donate 5% of your profits to charity. She is so cold-hearted. How could she use other people’s misfortunes for her personal selfish gains? She mentions that the charity fund raised will be used to help third world countries. Don’t believe a single word from her. No money will be used for relief. As a matter of fact you won’t make any profits and no 5% of your profits will be used for charity. She will do away with you initial deposit of $250 as soon as you deposit it. Therefore don’t dare deposit a single cent in this scandalous system.

You are promised to be a millionaire in a couple of months for you will be making thousands of dollars on a daily basis. Frankly speaking, millionaires don’t sprout this way. Also, it is impossible to make upwards of $4,000 from an initial deposit of $250 using the binary trading method. These are unrealistic profits that can never be achieved come another lifetime. This is her trick of attracting you and make you fantasize and hopefully convince you to deposit with her fake system. Please stay away from her dubious charms.

Megan Sanders System Scam is said to be efficient and accurate. It will never lose, its winning all the way. These are mere false fact about the app. The algorithm can’t be so perfect. Experts know better. She is being unrealistic and exaggerating way too much. Be wise and flee from her unrealistic algorithm.

Megan is such a funny lady, she is a self-made millionaire as she claims attributing all the wealth to her previous job as a financial analyst. She continues and says that the app is completely automated and will be trading for you even when you are not watching it. She also adds that you don’t need any formal training to use the app, all you need is to download it and start making profits. All these are lies, she is not a millionaire as we have seen above that she is extorting money from innocents in the name of charity and the she never explained how this alleged automatic app works. Just empty words.

The video presentation has several testimonials. All speak in favor of the scam app. This is suspicious. We discovered that these are actors and actresses from They are meagerly paid to lie. That is their job. Don’t believe a word from them. They are reading scripts to impress the cyber criminals behind the scenes.

The alleged CEO is not well informed, she says that you will be making profits using the system 24/7. This is impossible for financial markets are usually closed on weekends. You can’t trade when the markets are closed. Stay away from this liar who know nothing about binary trading.

Who is Megan Sanders??

She is a paid liar hired to represent the criminals paying her. We searched on the social media and search engines but didn’t find any CEO named Megan Sanders. But we found something worth knowing, many reviews exposing her as a scammer. She is nobody in the binary trading industry.

Is Charity Profits App A Scam?

From my full review and research I am concluding that this is just another scam that you need to avoid. This has also been verified by both Binary Options Gorilla and The Binary Options Army who both exposed this scam in their Charity Profit Apps Review

Conclusion from Charity Profits App

Regrettably, newbies in the binary trading option will fall for this trap just like the Gemini 2 and Instant Cash Club Scams. However, from our well researched and backed with facts review shows the true colors of the alleged CEO and the awful methods she is using to steal money from innocents. The Charity Trading App is unreliable and misleading. Investing with it is throwing away your hard earned money. We are pretty sure you don’t want that, that is why we took our time to inform you. We have no other choice but to term this app a scam and warn you not dare spend a dime on it.

Verdict: Charity Profits App or My Profit Formula is a scam just trying to steal your money pretending to be a charity.

Hopefully you haven’t been caught by Megan and her team of scammers. The Charity Profits software is going straight on my Scam List. If you are looking for systems that do actually work then make sure you check out my Trusted System List which I keep updated with anything that is actively working for me.

If you have any questions or need any help feel free to get in contact with me

Charity Profits App Scam Review

Here comes another scam in binary option industry, Charity Profits App scam. Megan Sanders as she calls herself is the brain behind Charity Profits App, one sad and regrettable thing about this particular scam is that she hides behind the hood of charity, making it presentable as though part of the earnings 5% would go to charity. She claims to be a financial analyst who in the course of her vacation to Africa saw a malnourished child down with malaria with no aid , despite her aid the child died, this spur the compassion in her to give to charity. This sounds touching, and seems legit right? The big answer is that they are all lies. Megan Sanders is just playing with peoples psychology to make them sign up for her autotrading software called Charity Profit App. Newbies in the binary options trade might fall for this well packaged lies, anyway, don’t be scared as we are here to unveil the Charity Profits App scam. Website:

Also avoid other scams like Terabit trading software

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Unveiling the Charity Profits App scam

  • Fake testimonials with paid actors: When you watch the presentation video of Charity Profits App, you would see some people giving testimonials of the huge amounts of money they made with this Charity Profits App. In the video, the guy labelled C in the picture below claimed to have started and made $3728.79 and he totalled almost $8000 in 2 days while the lady labelled B said she started a week ago and has made $27,967.82. Pls don’t be deceived, check below you would discover that this guys are paid actors from the site, the testimonials are not real, look at the picture you would discover that these are paid actors doing what they are paid to do ‘ACT ‘, the problem here are not the actors because they are doing their job, but the CEO Megan Sanders, that claims that this software has helped enormous people and part of the proceeds has gone to charity. If this were true we should have seen those charity organisations endorsing it or beneficifiaries of these software giving testimonials but they dont exist. This is enough reason to nail this scam software.

AVOID SCAMS, use this trusted and recommended autotrading software >>> Automated Binary

  • Fake Guarantees: Megan promised that with Charity Profits App, you would make at least $4000 a day for 7days in a week. This can’t be true because the financial market closes in the weekend so how come this software makes profit even on weekends.
  • Unexplained mechanism this software works with and Undisclosed Brokers: She never stated how this software works, the algorithm it uses and she never disclosed the brokers connected to the software, this raises warning signals.
  • Not actually free: The software is not actually free because you have to use $250 to fund her undisclosed broker. Funding a broker an autotrading software works with to start trading is normal, but with this software you don’t know the broker, thats how you lose your money.

CONCLUSION: Charity Profits App is a huge scam , so beware. Visit recommended autotrading software>>>click Automated Binary

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